Wharfedale teases Elysian loudspeaker range at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show

Our spies on the ground have spotted a brand new range of Wharfedale speakers at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2019.

Information is thin on the ground, but our sources have confirmed Elysian should consist of a standmounter and floorstander model at launch and the pair could go on sale towards the middle of 2019.

Both speakers certainly looked impressive on the show floor - they're the first Wharfedale models to use AMT (Air Motion Transformer) driver technology, while the speakers also incorporate woven carbon fibre cones in their design.

As you can probably tell from these initial specs (and their sheer size), Elysian won't be a budget range - we've been told the standmounter should be priced around £2000, while the floorstander will probably be around £3500-£5000.

We'll hopefully be able to bring you more information on this new Wharfedale range in the coming months.


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Andy Madden

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