Fyne Audio introduces flagship F1-12 at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show

Fyne Audio introduces flagship F1-12 at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show

Scottish speaker newcomer Fyne Audio is introducing two new speakers at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show this weekend: the flagship F1-12 floorstander (from £23,999) and a 'Special Production' F502SP floorstander (£3500).

Considering the initial success of the two-year-old brand – a handful of four- and five-star reviews as well as two 2018 What Hi-Fi? Awards – we’re glad to see the company continuing to expand its offering.

The first details of the new speakers are in…

The F1-12 follows on from the brand’s former flagship F1-10, naturally introducing improvements to justify its eminent position in the line-up.

Its handmade birch-ply cabinet has increased in size to accommodate a brand-new 12in version of Fyne Audio’s proprietary IsoFlare driver.

The new 12in version is built around a rigid cast aluminium chassis to eliminate unwanted vibration, and is paired with a 3in titanium tweeter. The crossover has been treated with Cryogenic to supposedly relax stresses in materials and solder joints to maximise signal transparency.

The aluminium plinth has also been enlarged for the F1-12, and below the cabinets’ down-firing port is Fyne’s largest BassTrax Tactrix Diffuser system, which works to evenly distribute sound dispersing waves in a room and thus make it less fussy with room positioning.

The F1-12 in a walnut finish costs £23,999, but there will also be black and white piano-lacquer gloss finishes for a £2000 premium.

Also on display at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show is a prototype of the F502SP (the 'SP' stands for 'Special Production') , which combines the drivers and technologies of the F702 (£5999) with the cabinet of the F502 (£1599), bridging the gap between those two models in the company's line-up. It comes in a piano gloss finish and will be available in the summer.

Fyne Audio F700 Series F702 (£5999) and F703 (£7999) floorstanders, which were announced at the Munich High End Show last year, have also made an appearance.

They too too benefit from Fyne’s aluminium base and diffuser system pairing and a crossover with the same components and Cryogenic treatment used in the higher-end models.

There’s a 20cm bass driver down south, as well as a 20cm IsoFlare driver that utilises technology trickled down from the brand’s top-tier F1 speakers: a multi-fibre cone, FyneFlute roll surround, Neodymium powered HF driver and flux-focusing magnet deliver a seamless.


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