Trends Audio
If you're using your computer as your main music source, here's a way to upgrade your sound quality with an all-in-one USB transporter, DAC, external sound card and headphone amp from Trends Audio

You needn't settle for second best due to a substandard PC/Mac soundcard, the UD-10.1 Lite USB Audio Converter. A small, compact unit, the Trends Audio amplifier provides two channels of 15w power output.

Inside there's a Tripath proprietary Class-T digital processor and Trends' own circuitry and component design. The machine operates as an external soundcard, complete with various digital outputs and a headphone out – meaning you can use it as a USB DAC, headphone amp or a digital interface for connecting to your DAC.

The idea behind the device is not only to give your digital tunes access to high-end audio components but also to greatly limit the interference from within your computer – power supply, fan motors – harming your music.

While there's mains power on board, there's also an optional external battery pack. Available from Desktop Audio the Trends Audio UD-10.1 Lite available to buy very soon.