The 55-inch LG C3 OLED TV is now even cheaper for Black Friday

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While the LG C3 received 'only' four stars in our initial review, that was primarily down to it being more expensive than its predecessor while being just a minor upgrade. Now, though, it's had a massive discount and is the easiest TV to recommend this Black Friday.

Right now, the 55-inch C3 is just £1195 at Sevenoaks. That's as low as the price has ever been and it represents a massive £904 saving on the launch price of £2100.

LG OLED55C3 2023 OLED TV £2100 £1195 at Sevenoaks (save £904)

LG OLED55C3 2023 OLED TV £2100 £1195 at Sevenoaks (save £904)
The LG C3 isn't much of an improvement on the C2 it replaced and, on balance, the Sony A80L is a better TV. That said, this is still an excellent OLED and there's no better-specified TV for gaming. To get this price you need to be a My John Lewis member (joining is free) and use code LGTV100 at checkout.

LG's C-series models are incredibly popular as they tend to be a near-perfect intersection of performance, features and price. That said, this year's 65-inch C3 – which we expect performs almost identically to this 55-inch model – was unusual in that it received 'only' four stars in our review.

That's because it launched at a higher price than the C2 it replaced, despite being only a minor upgrade. This lack of advancement allowed Sony to step in with its A80L  – a mid-range OLED that steps things on significantly in terms of punch and sharpness even though it features the same OLED panel technology as the C3.

With this discount, though, the C3's main flaw has been addressed and it now looks like exceptional value. The cheapest price for the 55-inch Sony A80L is currently £1399 at Amazon – that's over £200 more than this deal on the LG C3.

For gamers, the C3 is a better option than the A80L anyway, thanks to it having four HDMI 2.1 sockets (the Sony has just two), all of which support 4K/120Hz, VRR and ALLM. The LG also supports Dolby Vision gaming and HGiG, neither of which are on the Sony A80L.

And while the C3 isn't quite as dynamic as the A80L in its picture performance, it still provides a brilliantly well-balanced, consistent and cinematic picture in its own right. Add in the app-packed and very user-friendly webOS operating system and you've got a TV that's exceptionally easy to love and to live with.

The only exception to that is the sound, which is clear enough but very dull. We highly recommend adding a soundbar if you're able. Hopefully, this huge discount makes that more possible.


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