The Technics Tracks high-resolution download site has gone live today, offering 24-bit album downloads from as little as £7.49, alongside curated playlists and artist spotlights.

The Technics Tracks store is now live in the UK and Germany, offering CD-quality and high-res albums from artists such as alt-J, Bjork, The Doors and the Foo Fighters, to name a few.

Bjork's Vulnicura album is available in FLAC 24-bit/96kHz for £7.49, but most high-res albums appear to be priced around £12.99. CD-quality albums are available more cheaply and you can also buy individual tracks, which are priced between £1.50 and £2.50, depending on the bitrate.

Editorial content is also part of the service, with Technics Selections offering a number of playlists - from Alternative Classics to We Love Indie - and the Technics Spotlights series promising to "bring you closer to the artists". James Lavelle and Mick Glossop kick-off that feature.

The Technics Tracks store was originally announced back at IFA 2014when the Technics brand announced its comeback with two new ranges of high-resolution hi-fi.

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Technics Tracks claims to offer 'tens of thousands' of 24-bit/192kHz tracks, and 'hundreds of thousands' of 24-bit tracks too.

An "extensive collection" of 16-bit/44.1kHz, CD-quality tracks should also be available alongside the high-resolution content.

The store has been custom built by open digital music platform operator 7digital. Music bought through the Technics platform will be stored in a cloud locker, which will mean that you can download your tunes to more than one device – handy for those with both home and portable systems to satisfy.

The Technics Tracks download store will go up against the likes of HDtracks and Qobuz (which also offers a Qobuz streaming music service).

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Technics Reference R1 series

Before the launch, David Preece, head of Technics brand strategy in Europe, said: "Technics Tracks will be a vital tool for us to deliver the perfect overall premium audio experience to our customers. 

"Technics Tracks is a platform where listeners can not only download their favourite tracks in 24-bit quality but will also be a rich source of news and editorial content on hi-res audio releases."

7digital CEO, Simon Cole, added: "The re-launch of Technics really addresses the needs of audiophiles and anyone interested in high quality music experiences."

Read all about the new Technics hi-fi range


NSA_watch_my_toilet's picture

Dead, for real

Technics is dead for years. They could zombifiying this name how they want, they would never reach the sturdy quality, good price ratio and sheer sonor excellence of what technics was.

Potlov Igorevich's picture

I am glad but when and it will be?

I use 7 Degital store in my Android. I am glad if they do it and also if it will doing anothers. The idea is very interest and there are tech, as hardware or software feautures in our days. What music it will be in store. I want not only pop but more folk and classic. And not only from US, but from Serbija, Greece, Chile and also russian and latin America. I think it needs more companies and may be as a branch big internet's concerns as Google

Rimse's picture


I am more interested in their amps in photoMail 1

I have technics se-a3000 and su-c3000 combo and like the sound  very much with harbeth shl5.I very doubt that high resolution site will be popular

kissmeraas's picture

Dodgy Downloads

But are they (like everyone else) still going to be twice the price of the actual CD manufactured, stored and then shipped to my house?!sad

Myers's picture

'The price of an individual

'The price of an individual download is yet to be confirmed, but it seems unlikely Technics has put itself through this particular developmental and technical minefield only to price itself out of what is suddenly an increasingly competitive market'

No doubt will be 3 times the price of buying a CD & having it delivered to your house for something I am unconvinced sounds any better than ripped CD, one bandwagon I will not be jumping on to.


relocated's picture


So yet another pedigree company sticks it's snout in the trough of BS.  I suppose it's not quite as disgusting as Sony's audiophile card but yet another nail in the coffin of hi-fi.

spiny norman's picture

Ray of sunshine

In a merry mood as ever, I see... Acute

spiny norman's picture

Technics time?

Well, it's noon on the 24th, and still nothing... Boredom

Andy Clough's picture

Technics Tracks

It's all working now spiny. You have to select United Kingdom on the homepage to get to the UK site.

spiny norman's picture

"You have to select United

"You have to select United Kingdom on the homepage to get to the UK site" Really? I'd never have thought of that... (Shakes head in disbelief)
Chris's picture

High-Res Audio but it's not for everyone!

I have High Resolution Audio capabilities on three of my devices and on the whole it's very impressive compared to MP3's. Many people still argue that you cannot tell the difference but that's BS, hearing is definitly believing. The problem is that Technics is entering into a market with limited appeal, for one the selection of tracks will be limited to the likes of Classical, Jazz or Rock with the ocassional appearance from the odd pop band. Take Qobuz for example, you only have to trawl through their site to realise that High Res is not going to be available to the masses. Personally I like Hard House/Techno/Dance Music but that's where High Res is of little use. Most of this kind of music is processed and instruments are placed during that processing. Unlike for example a recording of a live symphony orchestra where you can hear exactly where in the room the musical instruments are coming from.

Hopefully the choices and prices will improve over time but until that day I'm unlikely to buy many albums. I've had a free £25 Qobuz voucher for over a month but as yet cannot find anything worth buying.




Green Bow's picture

Got a bad deal from them

I bought their copy of Karajan Beethoven's Symphonies 1-9. I signed up, filled in bank details, and bought the album of 9 symphonies.

Once downloaded I realised it was a poor recording and in mono. However it was not stated on the store page as mono. Sadly I had not been able to play the sample tracks as IE11 was not loading them. I discovered later they run when the web-page is loaded in Firefox.

I contacted Technics Tracks and they replied within a few hours. I was asked if there was another album I would like instead as a replacement. Plus sorry I had found this error.

I asked for the other cheaper lower-resolution recording of Beethoven's Symphonies 1-9. (Plus the balance in credit for their store.) That was three days ago and nothing from Technics Tracks. (I wonder if they made the offer of another album just to buy time so the payment went through.)

I should have known there was a problem with them. I contacted them on 30th Dec 2015 and asked what payment method they offer. They replied on the 19th Jan 2016. Bit stupid of me to register and buy from them after that.

£17 down the drain, and no further contact from Technics Tracks.