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The Technics brand is back in business. Panasonic, Technics' parent company, announced the comeback at IFA 2014, together with two new ranges of premium hi-fi products. The new portfolio includes speakers, streamers, stereo amplifiers and a single CD player - and now we have had a first look and received confirmed prices.

The project to resurrect Technics has been overseen by Michiko Ogawa, a former Technics engineer and renowned Japanese jazz pianist.

Technics and Panasonic have been keeping a close eye on the music downloads and streaming businesses and believe now is the right time for the still popular brand to make a comeback, with the company also releasing plans for a high-res download store called Technics Tracks.

And now we have confirmed prices for the new Reference System and Premium System in the Technics line-up.

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The Technics Reference Class R1 consists of:

SE-R1 amplifier, £11,999

SU-R1 network player and preamp, £6,499 

SB-R1 speakers, £18,599 for pair

Technics Premium Class C700 Series consists of:

SU-C700 amplifier, £1,249

ST-C700 network player, £849

SB-C700 speakers, £1,199 for pair

SL-C700 CD player

All products with the exception of the SL-C700 will go on sale in December, which might be why we don't have pricing as yet.

Check out our first look video above and look out for our reviews of the new Technics products coming soon...

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Mohsin's picture

I have been a big fan of

I have been a big fan of Technics since I first started buying seperates but I cant imagine anyone willing to pay 40,000 especially as there are soo many options available at that kind of price. The Premium range seems more reasonable but again the speakers remind me of the Kef LS50's.

Bojan Bijelic's picture

I Was wondering when this will happen

It was inevitable and much needed for Technics to return to Hi Fi scene. Technics products were found in every home, bar, club,....especially in Europe. Me and my friends had at least one Technics component at home. The SU-V900 was such a monster it was used in on of the night clubs!!!!!.....as well as MkII turntable....tape decks could only be compared to Nakamichis and even the early 2000 models were popular so never could figure out what made Panasonic to extinguish the production of Technics audio?!

Nevertheless, there is no doubt in my mind that new products are to be good....not sure if 40000 euros good though, but I shall consider buying something with Technics logo again Wink

kb29r's picture

Remember purchasing the

Remember purchasing the monstrous Technics SLP 1200 CD player in 1987... Welcome back

TobesEtc's picture


If this gear is as reliable as my SL1210Mk2 it'll last a lifetime. My turntable was made in 1988 and is still a superb player.

Benedict_Arnold's picture

A Bit Like That Lexus Hyper-Car

A welcome return for a brand we haven't heard of in over a decade, but...

Much like that Lexus hyper-car that came out a few years ago, and upon which a certain BBC show based loosely around motoring (and jingoistic comments about foreigners) observed, who is going to brag about having a LEXUS hypercar?  A Ferarri, yes, even a Porsche, but a LEXUS???

For sure, Technics hifi of old was excellent value at the mid to low end price range, but the new stuff is going to have to be earth-shatteringly good to justify these sort of prices.  And who is going to brag about having TECHNICS gear?

SWEETOHM's picture

Wow, Technics is back I see,

Wow, Technics is back I see, but now with pay through the nose price tags!      This is not the Technics of yesteryear that I am too familier with.


peterkin1010's picture

Not going to happen at those prices

I've no doubt these items will be superb pieces of kit but I cannot see them ever selling at those sort of prices. Technics is a brand for lower mid range enthusiats not for the rarified levels of money-no-object perfectionists. Of couse I could be wrong but I doubt it

Alexander Ionescu's picture

This prices are puzzling, to be mild....

Why would you buy the Technics Network Player for 6500 pounds whn you can buy something as good for 1/6 of that price, at least!

You can consider Mark Levinson amplifiers, Moon CD players and amps, NAIM, even Esoteric and you can add on to this list with brands that come in this price range. 

Techincs came tot he battle to late, to be modest. They sell their stuff that no one heard for the price of well renown brands well establish in htis market price with great feedback over the time.

Recalling my experience with Techics brand, putting them aside Nacamichi is pure fantesy of a Techincs owner. They were a joke in HI -FI compared with Kenwood, or Sony even.

WWell present in Eastern Europe where they sell themself quite high (compared with the prices they had in Wester Europe or USA), they were the ONLY brand of Hi Fi in those areas.

The saund was dreadfull compared with Denon, let's say....

Anyway, at this prices, they go to the big boys market, so they better be damm good....:)

BA78's picture

new Technics reference is nice, but...

Nice to see a Technics high-end come back. The reference stuff looks interesting, especially liking those VU metres, but at these high prices, I don't feel confident enough in Technics being high-end brand in 2014/15. I'd much prefer to purchase a top of the line Japanese built Luxman integrated for around $10,000US or equivalent priced Accuphase - hell of a lot cheaper. Luxman still looks the part with the VU meters, and sound phenomenal, a trusted brand in high-end.