HDtracks has announced the launch of its long-awaited UK website, bringing a high-resolution downloads store with thousands of lossless, uncompressed albums available to buy.

The US site has long promised it would make its way over to this side of the pond, and has finally today launched download stores in the UK and Germany.

HDtracks announced at CES at the start of the year that it would launch in the UK "in Q1 of 2014". Promising some 10,000 uncompressed high-res albums at launch, the HDtracks UK site has gone live today. Was the company waiting for a possible high-res audio Apple announcement? If so, no such luck...

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HDtracks joins French site Qobuz in offering high-res music for download, with Qobuz also offering a CD-quality streaming music service. A new streaming service, Tidal, powered by Scandinavian service WiMP, is also set to launch in the UK with a CD-quality offering later this year.

David Chesky, co-founder of HDtracks.com, said: "The tremendous success of HDtracks since our launch in 2007 and continued growth is a real indication that consumers all over the world are hungry for better quality music sound.

As pioneers in the fast-growing new category of high-resolution music downloads, we’re very excited to expand our business into the German market, where consumers have long demonstrated their strong interest in the best possible quality audio performance.”

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SolarGlider's picture

Loudness wars?

Nice evolution but I'll be more interested in the mastering than the resolution of the album

since most people wont be hearing the difference between a dynamic mp3 or flac


Alaneg's picture

UK & US Pricing

UK pricing seems to be extortionate as always.  A 24/192 FLAC of Yessongs is $29.98 (£18.61), but in UK is  £23.75 excl VAT (£28.50 incl VAT), a difference of £5.14 or 27.6% more. Not sure if any sales tax is applied to the US price, but it does not show any in my "test" but I can only get so far in the US checkout.  I wonder if the price differential is down to HDtracks or the record company agreements.  Still unfair either way.

AlexAtkinUK's picture

Huge disappointment

Finally, somewhere I can download music in FLAC format.  As a Linux user this is a HUGE deal.

Epic fail, they require you use a download manager which appears to be Windows only.

Why on earth would you support an open-source codec and then fail to support the open-source OS that it is mostly used on?

Also, I have only found whole albums to buy so far which is WAY too expensive.  I might pick up a track or two, if I could, but a whole album I couldn't rationalise at these prices even if I loved it.

yellowshark's picture

UK HDtracks

Well with the enormous increase in pricing and with Linn recently dumping the labels apart fromtheir own, HR music acquisition in the UK has now taken a major backward step. All my purchases over the past year or so, apart from one, have been HR, but with prices at £25+ if that is correct and CDs less than £10 it is a no brainer.

Leeps's picture

How come...

How come SACD's and Bluray Audios are generally cheaper, when they include shipping, packaging and a physical disc?  Because the pricing has zilch to do with cost.

This will struggle to go mainstream for the younger audience particularly when they need to be weaned off of Spotify.  Pay two and a half times your monthly Spotify subscription for 1 album? Hard for many to justify.

kissmeraas's picture

Money from old dopes

Why is everything at least twice the price I paid for the original physical CD which was manufactured, stored and delivered hundreds (if not thousands) of miles to my front door? Shok (Not to mention higher UK vs US prices)

BigH's picture

Hugely disappointing, not

Hugely disappointing, not only are the prices so high but the album choice is so poor, so I won't be bothering to buy any.