Tangent adds to its Spectrum range to create 5.1 system

Danish loudspeaker brand Tangent has done the sensible thing - it's expanded its Spectrum range to bring it to the attention of home cinema enthusiasts as well as music fans.

The X4 and X5 standmounters launched some time ago, but now they're kept company by the new X6 floorstanders, XSW8 subwoofer and XC centre speaker.

The X6 is a three-way speaker, featuring a 25mm soft fabric dome tweeter, a pair of 13cm mid/bass drivers and a bass reflex port. They're rated at 88dB sensitivity and are a nominal 6ohm impedance, so should consequently prove fairly easy to drive.

The XSW8 subwoofer is an almost-cube (28 x 27 x 27.5cm) with an 8in woofer driven by 90 watts of amplification.

The XC centre speaker is a two-way closed cabinet design, fitted with the same tweeter as its X6 sibling and a pair of 4in midd/bass drivers.

Each new speaker is available now - the Spectrum 5.1 package costs £1300.


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