Like hi-fi? Like high-end hi-fi? The Munich High End Show is for you. The 2016 show is now on and What Hi-Fi? is in Munich reporting live...

While the Bristol Show may be where it's at for hi-fi (and home cinema) fans in the UK, the High End show takes the spoils for mainland Europe - and arguably the world - when it comes, as the name should suggest, to high-end hi-fi. Anything and everything audio-related is represented, so expect an avalanche of expensive amplifiers, speakers, turntables and more. 

There's a huge list of exhibitors, including familiar names such as Arcam, ATC, Bang & Olufsen, Burmester, Cyrus, Dali, Focal, Krell, McIntosh, Meridian, Monitor Audio, Naim, Oppo, PMC, Pro-Ject, Quad, Rega, Sennheiser, Technics, Wilson Benesch... and plenty, plenty more.

Here are the highlights...

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High End 2016 preview

Cyrus One

Alpha Design Labs

The company will be showing off its new Stratos all-in-one DAC, preamp, phono stage and headphone amplifier, capable of upsampling to 32-bit/382kHz and looking to build on the success of the GT40.

Astell & Kern

There's a new, more affordable hi-res music player from A&K, the AK300, plus a new Recorder module.


The new Niagara 1000 and 7000 "power noise-dissipation systems" will be on display, alongside the fresh additions to the company's USB DAC range, the DragonFly Black, DragonFly Red and the Beetle.


There will be a new M-ONE integrated amplifier with DAC and Bluetooth on show at Munich, a near relation to the M-DAC from what we can tell (with added amplification). There are a selection of analogue and digital inputs, including USB, and support for hi-resolution DSD files.

Bang & Olufsen

B&O will be demoing its striking 90th anniversary BeoLab 90 speakers - we'll be in the queue to hear them. You can find out more about them, and Bang & Olufsen itself, in our 90 years of B&O feature.


In-car audio is an increasing focus for high-end audio brands and Burmester will be showing off systems inside Porsche and Mercedes-Benz cars at the show. The company's new Phase 3 system will also be on display.


Chord is set to preview the TToby partnering amp for the Hugo TT and showcase the SPM1050 MKII, a 200W stereo amp that's said to feature several improvements over the original.

Creek Audio

Creek will be demoing the new Evolution 100CD CD player and DAC, plus the latest in the Evolution series of amplifiers.


Interesting news from Cyrus, who will be releasing a new, feature-packed Cyrus One amplifier. An update to the classic Cyrus One amp, which launched the company in 1984, the new product features Bluetooth streaming, a phono stage and a headphone amp, and promises to showcase the company "at its most affordable price ever".


Denon will be presenting its new 2500NE Series, comprising the PMA-2500NE amp and the DCD-2500NE SACD player.



Munich will mark the world premiere of the new Dynaudio Contour range. Dynaudio says of the new range: "The completely new designs incorporate wonderful new technologies and materials. While worthy successors to the legendary Dynaudio loudspeaker series, the latest models are a radical break from the old designs." They'll be unveiled live at 10.30am (9.30am GMT).


Elac is celebrating its 90th anniversary with new speakers and new turntables.


Visitors at Eclipse's booth can sample a demo of its 'accurate sound' loudspeaker tech in a 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos configuration, which can purportedly produce 'breathtakingly lifelike audio'.


Focal will be showing the latest model in its Sopra line of high fidelity speakers.


New from Furutech at High End will be the NCF Series of mains power products.


There will be a new set of planar magnetic headphones at High End, the HiFiMAN Edition X. Borrowing technology from the flagship HE1000 headphones, they sport an ultra-thin diaphragm, assymetrical magnetic circuit, and a new headband and cable design.


Visitors to High End will be able to see the company's Reference series, the famous Blade speakers, plus new additions in the form of the Muo and Egg.


Mission will be present, with its all-new budget priced LX speaker series in tow. The full range of speakers will be on show.


Naim will be showing-off its DR NAP500 power amplifier and its latest Naim Records releases.

Quad VA-One

Neat Acoustics

There's a new Neat floorstanding speaker, the M05, which will be making its debut in Munich. Expect ribbon tweeters. There's also the Iota Alpha, a low-down floorstanding speaker that was a hit at this year's Bristol Show.


It's not all hi-fi - you'll be able to take a look at Panasonic's latest flagship Ultra HD TV and its new Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the UB900.


Quad has plenty of new products to show-off, including the VA-One valve amplifer, the new Z Series speakers and the Artera One system.


British headphone manufacturer RHA will have its full range of headphones on show, from the entry-level S Series to the hi-res audio certified MA Series and the flagship T Series.


Shure is claiming a first with the launch of a pair of noise-isolating electrostatic earphones, the KSE1500, and also has the new SHA900 portable DAC and headphone amp. Expect more details when the show begins.


T+A is bringing its new 1000 R Series to the show. The new range comprises the R 1000 E music receiver, PA 1000 E integrated amp and the MP 1000 E DAC/network client. 


The Technics SL-1200GAE will no doubt get plenty of attention, but you'll also be able to see the company's full range of new components for 2016, from the EAH-T700 headphones to the Reference R1 Series and the G-30 Series.


Fresh off the production line from Wharfedale in time for Munich will be the Diamond Active A1 speakers and the brand new Reva speaker range.

Wilson Benesch

WB will take the wraps off its A.C.T One Evolution 'P1', a new project that promises a 'revolution in carbon fibre'. Expect a new addition to the company's Geometry Series of speakers.


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Ayre Acoustics & SABRE ES9038PRO

You overlooked one thing - ESS Technology and Ayre Acoustics have collaborated to announce - and publicly show - the new Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty digital hub with the SABRE ES9038PRO in Munich! Biggrin

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Not a paying british manufacturer ?

What hifi is not interested in free advertisments of otherwise great audio gear Wink

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More highlights

Quadral launched renewed top of the line speaker range : Aurum 9th generation 

Neat acoustics presented new speaker based on Iota with great success ( big hit on Bristol show)

Audiovector presented new budget speakers qr-1 and qr-3 at what seems to be stupendous value. Check them out. Seriously.

Far better stuff then advertised brands.

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Once again What HiFi sadly ignored Hegel brand, so its just the same usual suspects... 

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Missing brands and even links!

WHF, it would not be too much to ask to have a link to the brands and their products that are mentioned in the above article. Even if you did not go over to them and photograph their new gear, a link to their website would be nice, or even the news report of said product from their own website. A bit of work above the necessary minimum of just mentioning them, their prduct and leaving the reader in the air. 

We realise they don't advertise on your site and that they are "foreign" brands, but helping the reader learn about hifi, both domestic and international would be expected from a magazine that is read internationaly and cares about hifi. 

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Munich Show

There are links to all the stories we published during the Munich Show at the top of the article, and many additional links within the article itself.

With a show such as Munich it is difficult to cover every manufacturer and every product, but we do our best given that we only had two days to cover the entire show.

You can also see plenty of additional pictures and links here.

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The Munich show is large and we understand the WHF cannot cover every manufacturer, but we note that WHF has not reviewed any of the Hegel amplifiers in its magazine, maybe its not interesting enough for WHF while numerous other international reviewers (including our own HiFiChoice and HiFi+) have published interesting reviews of Hegels aqmplifiers and DACS).  

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Hegel has had very limited and patchy distribution in the UK, and we tend not to review products that are not available through specialist hi-fi retailers or the bigger hi-fi chains.