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From Acoustic Energy to Bowers & Wilkins, Focal to Tannoy, a video round-up of some of the best new speakers at the Bristol Sound & Vision show...

It’s that time of year again, and we’re back at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show to take a look at all that’s new and exciting in the world of audio and home entertainment.

Speakers are always a big hit at the show and this year is no different. We've rounded-up a selection of the best new speakers to look out for in 2016. 

Kicking things off is the new Quad Z Series, followed by the return of Acoustic Energy in the form of the Aego 3 system. We take a good look at the B&W 800 Series Diamond Series, launched at the end of last year, plus the brand new Canton Reference K speakers.

The Focal Sopra No.2 also features, as does the interesting new Q Acoustics Media 7000 2.1 system. Mission is back with the LX Series, while Monitor Audio and Tannoy both have a plethora of new hi-fi speakers.

Last but not least, Wilson Benesch is on hand with its new Discovery II speakers.

Want more? Catch-up on everything else from the show on our Bristol Sound & Vision Show highlights page.


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The Elac debut and the as yet unnamed Neat big-Iota were two of the best new models to these ears. At least affordable ones! 

Kef reference ones in Hegel room were very impressive too, along with PMC twenty:26. 

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Don't Quad, AE, Focal, B&W,

Don't Quad, AE, Focal, B&W, Focal, Q Acoustics and Monitor Audio do a lot of advertising with you? Of course not I am sure What HiFi are totally unbiased as always Smile

Joe Cox's picture


...has no relation to editorial coverage. Obviously. For the millionth time. Thanks for the dig though Smile

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I enjoyed the KEF demo but...

... there were other fascinating speakers around.  The Devialet Phantoms are impressive technologically, but I wasn't that struck by their sound - which begs the question "why?" - whereas the find of the show for me were the Quadral Chromium Style 80s in the Nu Nu Distribution room.  These are German made, three way (but with twin 6" bass drivers and a rear port) floor standers with astounding dynamics and incredibly natural sound - for under £2k.

Peter_m's picture

New quads

Wow those new Quad's look fantastic, and am I the only one here who thinks the B&W's are the ugly ducklings in this bunch of great new releases?

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Neat acoustic

I waas most impressed by the unnamed new speakers from neat. I couldn't believe the impressive sound from that room was coming from those speakers. The best part is they'll be reasonably priced on release; around £1350 I gathered.

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Ophidian Mojo

Was captivated by the diminutive Mojos powered by Exposure amps. Room filling sound was engaging. Would like to know how they cope with orchestral scale music?

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Mojos agreed!

I was also loving the diminutive mojos. They are beautiful! 


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