French speaker giant Focal has introduced a new high-end range of speakers called Sopra. It fits between the company's established Electra and Utopia lines, and currently consists of two models, the rather imaginatively titled No.1 and No.2.

The No.1 is a standmount design, expected to retail at around £8000. It uses a 16.5cm composite mid/bass driver, which has a newly developed mass-tuned surround that supposedly improves the unit's top end performance.

The tweeter design is unusual too. It's a Beryllium unit, as they are on all of Focal's pricier offerings, but in the Sopra, the rear of the inverted dome feeds into a small chamber, that then vents out through a damped horn into the outside world. 

The No.2 Floorstander builds on its smaller sibling by adding around 80cm to the height, a dedicated three-way design (with two bass drivers) and about £4000 to the price.

Both products should be on sale in the UK by June.

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They are cracking looking

They are cracking looking speakers - are they not!!

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They are stunning.

They are stunning.

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Wow. Focal your Sopra

Wow. Focal your Sopra speakers look stunning. Great job smiley Thanks WHF yes

Rick @ Musicraft


Reference incorrect

The names and prices are inverted in the article.

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The standmounts are £8000/pair, we then say the floorstanders "add £4000 to the price" so they cost £12,000.



Andy, thank you for clarification.

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Tweeter design

is similar to Bowers & Wilkins' Nautilus tapering tube design don't you think, but using a horn instead of a horn in reverse.

I read the price information as:

8000 + 4000 =  12000 (approx.  16500 EUR) for the floorstanders

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hate quasi D Addario config

IMHO tweeter should de coupled and out of the cabinet, so B&W still does my thing, with others- 

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Tweeter design

The tweeter can be decoupled inside of the cabinet. If I am right there is no need to put the tweeter on top of the cabinet in its own rounded enclosure, because the high frequency sound waves do not flow backwards and around the tweeter encasement (on the outside). There is a need for the midrange enclosure to have a rounded shape such as the marlan head of the B&W 800(D) & 802(D), because those sound waves flow backwards and thus around the cabinet. That is why all B&W 800 series speakers have curved cabinets; only in the 800 and 802 these curves have been perfected into what they call the 'marlan head'. Perhaps there is a reason, apart from design reasons, for B&W's tweeter enclosures to be the way they are. Perhaps someone can explain why if that is the case.

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But I'll have to stick with my 826v's 

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If I were in the market right

If I were in the market right now this would be my next speaker. They are sexy and priced well or at least in reach of the common man if you really wanted them. Its on y short list when its time to replace my current front speakers.