Focal launches high-end Sopra range of speakers

The No.1 is a standmount design, expected to retail at around £8000. It uses a 16.5cm composite mid/bass driver, which has a newly developed mass-tuned surround that supposedly improves the unit's top end performance.

The tweeter design is unusual too. It's a Beryllium unit, as they are on all of Focal's pricier offerings, but in the Sopra, the rear of the inverted dome feeds into a small chamber, that then vents out through a damped horn into the outside world.

The No.2 Floorstander builds on its smaller sibling by adding around 80cm to the height, a dedicated three-way design (with two bass drivers) and about £4000 to the price.

Both products should be on sale in the UK by June.

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Ketan Bharadia
Technical Editor

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