Wilson Benesch Discovery II speakers start at £15,000

Wilson Benesch has opted for a 2.5-way speaker design, using carbon fibre composite and precision CNC-machine alloy materials in the construction.

The speakers feature an unusual driver placement design, with the Isobaric Drive System - which handles low frequencies - in the underside of the speaker cabinet, while the tweeter and midrange drive unit sit in close proximity directly above it.

Wilson Benesch says this layout enables the speakers to deliver “a captivating soundstage, rich with dynamic low bass that is perfectly integrated with the frequencies across the range.” The speakers use the Tactic II driver and Semisphere tweeter.

The Discovery II speakers follow a similar design to the rest of the Geometry Series, with a solid alloy baffle, adjustable hand wheels and a recessed terminal plate all present and correct.

And, being Wilson Benesch speakers, they're not cheap: they'll be on sale from January 2016 in a standard finish for £14,950 per pair or £15,500 in a wood or high gloss finish. Still, that's cheaper than the company's Endeavour speakers...

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