Cyrus will be releasing a new, feature-packed Cyrus One amplifier at May's High End Show in Munich.

The new Cyrus One is an update to the classic amplifier which helped launched the company back in 1984. Set to make its debut at High End, the new model features aptX Bluetooth streaming, a phono stage for connecting to a turntable and a headphone amplifier. 

What's more, it looks like it will be relatively affordable, promising to showcase the company "at its most affordable price ever".

Information on the High End website reveals a few details about the feature-packed amp, while the Cyrus Audio Twitter account has shared a teaser image, presumably of the new model, with the tagline, "Harder, faster, better, stronger".

The Cyrus One will deliver 2 x 100-watts of power and features Class D amplification. There's an AB headphone amplifier, a MM phono stage, four line level inputs and a set of pre-outs.

The new One aims to celebrate more than 33 years of Cyrus products, taking design cues from the original but bringing it bang up to date when it comes to the specifiactions.

And, interestingly, it looks like it will be the most affordable Cyrus amplifier yet, presumably coming in under the £699 Cyrus 6a.

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The original Cyrus One/1 was released in 1984, a year after the formation of Cyrus Audio, and, alongside the Cyrus Two, was the first product the company released

The classic amp will be instantly recognisable to anyone who has set eyes on any Cyrus electronics over the years, so we'd expect the new model to stick to a similar design. Although following the launch of the excellent, if exotically-designed, Cyrus Lyric, we're prepared to be surprised...

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Frank Harvey's picture


First a Rega Planar 3, now a Cyrus One - what next? AR18BX? B&W DM110? Smile

Al ears's picture


Now that numbering system is going to need a rethink.

djh1697's picture

The original Cyrus 1, not the one above!

The original Cyrus 1, which I purchased from a Mission dealer called Norman Audio in Preston, was a mere £129.99. Direct competion to the NAD3020 at the time, the phono stage was amazing! It had MC and MM stages. It would be wonderful if the new Cyrus One has the same, or a better phono stage than the original. To be perfectly honest, the Cyrus phono stage served me for many years, until it was replaced with a Naim Stageline, which the Cyrus gave a run for its money!

ivavcr's picture

"most affordable price ever"

It appears that words in general have a very fluid meaning these days.

I had both Mission One Mk1 and Mk2. The original was as stated above GBP 129.99 and it was really very affordable. According to one of the on line calculators, when inflation is accounted for, todays cost should be GBP 396.47.

I have a hard time understanding how the price increase of more than 75% over the original price can make any product more affordable, actually most affordable.

Please clarify.

Andy Clough's picture

Cyrus One

Those are Cyrus's words, not ours, which is precisely why we put them in quotation marks. We used the words "relatively affordable" which is perhaps a more accurate description.

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Cyrus One

Still use mine daily since I bought it new in 1980s. Can't fault it