Cyrus has already teased teased details of the new amplifier, but now it has officially been launched at the Munich High End Show.

After releasing a few details last month, Cyrus has now revealed the full specification and feature list of the new, affordable (£699) One amplifier. The amp will deliver 100W per channel and uses Cyrus’s hybrid Class D technology, which is now in its third generation. It's half-width chassis may look familiar, but the One is actually slight bigger than previous units, measuring 85x220x390mm (HxWxD). It also sports a high gloss black finish with rubberised controls and has a funky light sequence when you turn it on.

Headline features include a built-in phono stage, aptX Bluetooth streaming and a high quality headphone amplifier. Cyrus says the One is aimed at people aged 18-30 who are “design-led, feature and interface driven”, and who “naturally” want to stream music from their smartphones and tablets. The Bluetooth connection on the One is in an “always discoverable state” meaning pairing with a device should be instantaneous.

Cyrus is also aware that the same demographic are contributing to the vinyl revival and so has fitted a high quality moving magnet phono stage and four line level inputs for connecting other components, including a turntable or CD player. The One also has an AV bypass mode which allows it to be used in home cinema systems.

The Class AB headphone amplifier springs into action as soon as you connect a pair of headphones, which also sees the toroidal power supply switching over from main amplifier duty, to dedicate itself to the headphone amp.

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Cyrus says the One is able to deliver a “wonderfully detailed, coherent and open musical presentation” thanks to the large amount of high current power available and that finding the right speakers to pair with it won’t be an issue.

The One comes with automatic Speaker Impedance Detection (SID) which is said to instantly measure the impedance of any pair of speakers you connect, and adjusting the amplifier to suit. 

Cyrus promised the One would represent the company’s “most affordable price ever” and at £699, it’s lived up to that claim.

Simon Freethy, managing director of Cyrus, says: “Cyrus One represents the first step on a product roadmap that has been developed to grow the company as a leading proponent of hi-fi products for the ‘enlightened consumer’ group.”

“Our design philosophy has always been to achieve the very best performance possible and then figure out how to make it affordable. With Cyrus One, a product priced within the reach of many, we have the embodiment of that philosophy taken to a new level.”

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 Certainly looks to have all the bases covered. Not too sure about cabinet design but it could grow on me. Must get to audition soon.

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Cyrus One Amplifier

Some thoughtful design touches evident.  Unusual but useful to have home cinema bypass, and it's certainly noteworthy that it has a front-facing headphone socket!  If only all the other Cyrus amps did this.


And it's grunt certainly appears to give its competition (Marantz AMP1 and the new Audiolab amp) something to think about!


Would have liked an Apple-friendly USB input though, seeing that Apple doesn't support Apt-X.

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Very nice!

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I think they'll be many people older than the '18-30 year old' demographic that'll be interested in purchasing this amp.

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it may be bestseller for the

it may be bestseller for the few peoppe that still buy boxes.. oh and phono stage for hipsters

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"most affordable price ever"

Andy Clough was kind enough to explain that the above statement is not made by WHF but by the people from Cyrus. I will repeat my original post, hoping that a Cyrus rep will answer the question:

"It appears that words in general have a very fluid meaning thesese days.

I had both Mission One Mk1 and Mk2. The original was as stated above GBP 129.99 and it was really very affordable. According to one of the on line calculators, when inflation is accounted for, todays cost should be GBP 396.47.

I have a hard time understanding how the price increase of more than 75% over the original price can make any product more affordable, actually most affordable.

Please clarify."

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I still run an original One and can't think on how the sound can be bettered.

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So, the 'Beats' generation?

Sound quality is always priority for me. Does this compete with other amps in this price bracket. I've no doubt WHF will let us know soon.