The new Contour range features a bookshelf speaker and two floorstanders, with a centre channel to follow.

High End 2016 is up and running and Dynaudio is one of the first companies to announce new products, with a brand new Contour speaker range.

"27 years in the making", the range is an update to one of Dynaudio's most famous speaker series, and promises softer, curved design lines as well as completely new drivers.

There will be four Contour speakers in total: the Contour 20 (€4500) standmount speaker, the Contour 30 (€7000) and Contour 60 (€9000) floorstanders, and the Contour 25C centre channel (€3250). 

All the speakers were designed and manufactured at Dynaudio's new factory in Denmark, and aim to deliver deep, substantial bass alongside class-leading stereo imaging.

Each speaker has completely new woofers, designed especially for each model, while all the speakers use Dynaudio's Esotar 2 tweeter, previously found on the company's flagship speakers.

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Alongside the drivers there are new aluminium voice calls, promising 70 per cent more extension compared to previous models, plus heavily-braced, curved cabinets with a solid aluminium front baffle.

The new Contour speakers will be available in white oak satin, walnut satin, high-gloss black and high-gloss white. Bubinga high gloss and rosewood high-gloss will be available on request.

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they look a bit ugly speakers,don't get me wrong.At first glance I thought it was wharedale speakers:D Looks cheap:)p