Finkteam has finally launched its WM4 floorstanders after showing the speakers in various states of development in recent years.

These huge floorstanders were originally developed as a tool for analysing system electronics, but public demand has led to them being readied for production. The WM initials in the name stand for ‘washing machine’, which is the company’s rather tongue –in-cheek’ way of referring to the size and shape of the bass section.

These speakers are built in two sections, one for the 38-cm bass driver and the other housing the twin flat-membrane midrange units and Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter. OEM supplier Mundorf makes the distinctive tweeter, while the other drive units are engineered and built in-house by Finkteam – quite an accomplishment for such a small company.

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The WM4's distinctive midrange driver

The cabinets are designed to be as quiet as possible, even when the music is playing loudly. The bass section is carefully braced to move any resonance above the crossover point - this should result in a cleaner, more precise low frequency performance. That angular mid/treble enclosure is unusual too, using varying thickness of precision MDF that is damped by a special material to covert any movement into heat. There is a wide range of finishes available, including gloss options. The prices of these will vary depending on complexity.
Each speaker weighs in at 135kg, and the company is committed to helping owners with system matching and optimisation, even going as far as consulting on room acoustics. The WM4 will be available by August and will cost in the region of €65,000.