Damson Headbones
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Damson enters the wireless headphone market with Headbones, bone conduction headphones that sit outside of the ear.

British audio company Damson has announced its move into the wireless headphone market, unveiling the ‘Headbones’ bone conduction headphones at CES 2014.

Using the acoustic properties of the human skull, the Headbones design sits on the temporal bone just in front or behind the ear depending on the version, rather than inside the ear canal.

They work by sending audio vibrations through the skull to the cochlea, the structure inside the ear responsible for human hearing, using Damson’s Incisor Diffusion Technology, also found on their Twist and Jet wireless speakers.

This out-of-ear design allows wearers to stay alert to noises around them, but Headbones will also come with traditional in-ear buds as well, allowing you to block out surrounding noise should you want.

The Headbones are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, and will offer eight hours of music playback on a single charge.

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Pricing and availability are yet to be announced – we’ll bring you details as soon as we get them.


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by Verity Burns

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