Best on-ear headphones


...and these are the best on-ear headphones money can buy. We've got the lot, from wallet-friendly to pretty pricey, noise-cancelling and wireless models.

Under £50

Koss Porta Pro

They may still look like the 80s classic that they are, but the sound quality for the money is surprisingly excellent.


Foldable | On-ear design | Open-backed

Reasons to Buy
Time brilliantly with decent punch
Decent though not hi-fi standards of detail
Extremely lightweight and portable
Reasons to Avoid
Considering the price, no real complaints

Under £100


These punchy and dynamic AKG Y50s sound great, and fold up for maximum portability. They are colourful too, and eminently affordable.


On-ear design | 50mm driver | 4 finishes

Reasons to Buy
Rhythmic, clear and detailed
Time well
Dynamic and punchy
Reasons to Avoid
Sources might need to be turned up
Ears get warm after a while

Under £200

B&O BeoPlay H2

The H2s are the complete package - stylish, comfortable and blessed with superb sonics.

Reasons to Buy
Enjoyable, first-rate sound
Superb build
Comfortable fit
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note

Under £300

Grado SR325e

The open-backed design might divide opinion, but the sound quality is balanced, detailed and dynamic. They leak sound though, so everyone will know your music taste.


Open-back design | Rotating earcups | 6.3mm jack

Reasons to Buy
Tonal balance
Transparent across frequencies
Expressive dynamics
Good rhythmic drive
Precise timing
Fast, agile
Rugged build
Recent price drop
Reasons to Avoid

Wireless under £150


Bluetooth cans that sound just as good as the wired versions? Throw in a neat foldable design and earcup controls and you have a winning pair of headphones.


Built-in battery | 20hr battery ife | Micro USB charging

Reasons to Buy
Impressive clarity, detail and dynamics
Easy to use
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing at this price

Wireless under £300

AKG N60NC Wireless

These are comfortable, well-balanced wireless headphones with fantastic noise-cancellation. What's not to like?


Noise cancellation | Compact design | aptX Bluetooth

Reasons to Buy
Great noise cancellation
Comfy build
Solid bass
Well balanced
Clear midrange and treble
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note

Noise-cancelling under £150

Philips SHB8850NC

Boasting wireless and active noise-cancelling powers, these headphones are amazing value for money.


Noise-cancelling | Rechargeable | 16hr battery life

Reasons to Buy
Well organised sound
Surprisingly detailed
Powerful dynamics
Reasons to Avoid
Not enough bass
Won't be comfortable to everyone
Others deliver a more spacious soundstage

Noise-cancelling under £300


Great sound, excellent noise-cancellation and a lovely comfy on-ear fit. Job done.


Rechargeable | 30hr battery life | Micro USB charging

Reasons to Buy
Clear, punchy sound
Musical; balanced
Effective noise-cancellation
Very portable
Smart design
Reasons to Avoid