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DABs - Cambridge Audio vs Denon

 I am looking for a DAB tuner for my hifi and am trying to weigh up the Cambridge Audio Azur 640T V2
 and the Denon TU1800. Both are available for around £170-180. Does anyone have any views on which is better?


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Re: DABs - Cambridge Audio vs Denon

The Denon TU-1800T was best hi-fi tuner in our 2006 Awards. It's excellent, with a refined and full-bodied sound,  although it costs £50 more than the Cambridge.

We haven't tested the V2 version of the Cambridge 640T, but gave the original 4 stars back in 2004. However, you should also look at the five-star Cambridge Audio DAB300, a no-nonsense digital tuner that's only £120, making it great value for money and well within your budget.

It doesn't have an analogue tuner, though, so it depends if you want both DAB and FM.

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