Your hi-fi and AV kit needs the right support, or delicate electronics might not be isolated from unwanted vibrations. Here are the best racks you can buy.

The ideal environment for your hi-fi and home cinema kit is level, dust-free and secure. These racks tick all those boxes, and a few more besides. So don't go to Ikea, get one of these instead. Trust us, your system will thank you.

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Hi-fi rack under £500
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Atacama Evoque Eco 60-40

Reviewed on 15th August 2014 at

This Award-winning bamboo rack is well-designed and allows your hi-fi system to sound its best. Its modular design gives you oodles of flexibility too - you can add extra shelves for £150, and customise the height of each tier. So even if you upgrade your system, it should still fit.

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Hi Fi Racks Podium XL

Reviewed on 27th January 2010 at

This large rack can handle a 65in TV without any problems. You won't have to worry about it straining under the weight of the bass either.

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