Ensuring your hi-fi and home cinema kit gets the support it deserves is important: it will help isolate delicate electronics from unwanted vibrations, which can affect performance.

Hi-fi and AV kit needs a dust-free, level and secure base otherwise it won't operate at its best. Invest in a dedicated rack and you'll reap the rewards. This list will ensure your system gets all the support it needs.

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Hi-fi rack under £500
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Atacama Evoque Eco 60-40

Reviewed on 15th August 2014 at

This Award-winning rack is a well-designed one that allows your hi-fi system to sound its best. Made from bamboo, it's a modular design: you can add extra shelves for £150, and customise the height of each tier with a number of leg-length options.

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Atacama Elite Eco 12.0

Reviewed on 5th March 2013 at

Those looking for a strong support for AV and hi-fi will like the performance this rack can offer. Again, it's a modular design, with each shelf costing £250 and you can also choose from three leg lengths.

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