Best budget hi-fi speakers


...but if you want to maximise every penny of your spend, read on. We've trawled through our reviews to present 10 of the best pairs of speakers for under £500 - from Dali to Dynaudio, Monitor Audio to Tannoy and beyond, there's something here for everyone.


8 of the best bookshelf speakers

12 of the best hi-fi speakers

Under £100

Roth Oli RA1

Given their tiny dimensions, Roth's bookshelf speakers pack a mighty punch. Details and dynamics are impressive, as is their scale of sound. For less than £100, you really can't go wrong.


Two-way design | Rear-ported | Single-wired

Reasons to Buy
Compact size makes them versatile
Decent looks
Dynamic and rhythmic sound
Reasons to Avoid
Mids and highs harden when pushed

Under £150

Mission LX-2

The best pound-for-pound Mission speakers in years.


Single-wired | Rear-ported | 2 finishes

Reasons to Buy
A sound packed with verve and insight
Strong dynamics and fine timing
Good build and finish
Reasons to Avoid
Need care in partnering

Under £200

Dali Spektor 2

These 2017 Award-winners are excellent speakers, combining Dali's traditional strengths with a generous dose of entertainment.


Two way | Single wire | 29cm tall

Reasons to Buy
Agile, articulate and expressive sound
Good detail resolution
Compact size
Unfussy nature
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note

Standmounter under £300

Q Acoustics 3020i

They've replaced a pair of Award-winning speakers - and they're an improvement. Which tells you all you need to know.


Dimensions (hwd): 17 x 28 x 28cm | Magnetic grilles | Single set of terminals

Reasons to Buy
Rich, warm sound
Full bass
Clear, precise treble
Sweeping dynamics
Decent scale
Reasons to Avoid
Depth of cabinet could be impractical for some

Floorstander under £300

Q Acoustics 2050i

They've been around a while - but familiarity has bred nothing but admiration.

Reasons to Buy
Excellent refinement and clarity
great dynamic ability
well built
Reasons to Avoid
Some might find the presentation a touch polite

Standmounter under £400

Dali Zensor 3

Fun, easy to listen to and, at this price, excellent value for money.


Rear-ported | Single-wired | 3 finishes

Reasons to Buy
Airy, spacious sound
Wide-open soundstage
Plenty of detail
Punch and dynamics
Excellent tonal balance
Reasons to Avoid
Could do with a little more refinement

Floorstander under £400

Fyne Audio F302

Fyne Audio is off to an absolute flyer with these entertaining floorstanders.

Reasons to Buy
Full-bodied, entertaining presentation
Fantastic timing and dynamic range
Plenty of low-end presence
Reasons to Avoid
Need some care in system-matching

Standmounter under £500

Dynaudio Emit M10

Take a few moments to admire these tremendously talented standmounters from Dynaudio and they'll lure you in. They're brilliant all-rounders, capable of delivering an unbelievable sound for just £500.


Single-wired | Rear-ported | 2 finishes

Reasons to Buy
Detailed, subtle, entertaining sound
Reasons to Avoid
None at this price

Floorstander under £500

Dali Spektor 6

Not without compromises, but the Spektor 6 offer a big, bold and unthreatening sound at a very competitive price.


Two-way speakers | Single-wired | Two bass reflex ports

Reasons to Buy
Wide spread of sound
Easy going, likeable character
Good balance throughout the frequencies
Reasons to Avoid
Rivals offer greater insight, rhythmic ability and refinement
Build quality could be classier


Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2

Gorgeous design and superb performance make the Ruark MR1 Mk2s one of our favourite pairs of desktop speakers. The retro look is the icing on the audio cake.


Optical input | Bluetooth aptX | 3.5mm aux input

Reasons to Buy
Stunningly musical sound
Subtle dynamics
Stylish, compact design
Streamlined features
Reasons to Avoid
No USB input