Best speaker cables


Getting all that information from your amp to your speakers is no easy feat, but the best cable will let your system really show what's capable of.

Use a dud speaker wire and you'll know about it the second you start up your system. But buy something appropriate from this list and you'll find out where your money went.

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Under £7/m

Chord Company C-Screen

Very very few are the budget systems that don't feel the benefit of the C-Screen's talents.

Reasons to Buy
Full-bodied, warm and expressive
Fantastic ability to mirror your system’s punch and drive
Reasons to Avoid
Some rivals can offer greater detail and space

Under £10/m

Chord Company Clearway

Chord's affordable speaker cable recently waltzed away with its second What Hi-Fi? Award in as many years. It helps your system perform at its most musical.

Reasons to Buy
Helps tie instruments together
Aids dynamics and musicality
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing at this price

Under £20/m

QED Revelation

Plays nice with all sorts of systems, and brings out maximum detail while avoiding brightness.

Reasons to Buy
Detail resolution, dynamics and agility
refinement and tonal balance
Reasons to Avoid
Long running-in time


Atlas Mavros

You'd better have spent a fortune on your set-up - but, if you have, you need to hear it with Mavros involved.

Reasons to Buy
Exceptional detail resolution
strong dynamics
tonal neutrality
Reasons to Avoid
They are not cheap
you will need an equally extravagant system