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Chord is celebrating its 30th birthday with its "most advanced" range of digital and analogue cables - and you'll need serious wads of cash to get your hands on them...

The ChordMusic cables share the same fundamental architecture as the company's now-former-flagship Sarum Super ARAY range, with Chord’s Super ARAY conductor configuration and PTFE plugs. But they use a different kind of insulation material, Taylon, which is exclusive to Chord and has never before been used in an audio cable.

Chord says that Taylon is phase stable at typical room temperatures, and the ‘best performing dielectric’ the company has used. 

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Chord says three layers of noise-reduction material run along the cables’ length. The first is designed to reduce mechanical noise, the second to limit the noise-reducing layer. And the third is a metallic external braid that peeps through the white braided outer layer, offering an Edward Cullen-like sparkly speckled finish.

It would be a stretch, even for us, to call any cable ‘sexy’, but they certainly do look expensive. Speaking of which, ladies and gentleman, chequebooks at the ready…

The ChordMusic analogue interconnects are available with a range of terminations, with RCA costing £3800/metre (£1700 per extra metre), XLR priced at £5500/metre (£2500 per extra metre), and DIN coming in at £3500/metre (£1400 per extra metre).

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As for digital interconnects, there’s coaxial – terminated with either RCA or BNC (both £3500/metre) – and AES EBU (£3800/metre) configurations.

The range’s speaker cables, which cost £1100/metre terminated, are fitted with silver-plated banana plugs (instead of the usual gold-plated ones) and spade connectors, with a new clamp design (pictured) currently at the prototype stage.

Chord is also planning to add tonerm, power and USB cables to the ChordMusic range. We're guessing they won't be cheap either...

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Geddy Lee's picture


Madness.......anyone buying these has more money than sense...........Seriously! crying Isn't Taylon a Star Trek race?


Matthias Stuer's picture


Geddy Lee, absolutely true. Someone wants their executives in the firm to drive Bentleys. Luckely they can have a fully functional Naim sound system with that.

Graham Luke's picture


I like the little silver stealth bombers on the cables...do they speed the hi-res bits and make the sound betterer....?

If only I was one of 'em 'audiophiles' ....*sigh*

Erocia's picture

Crazy prices

My god the price of that rca cable almost 4 grand, you can get some system for that price.

chebby's picture

Would I have to keep it

Would I have to keep it offshore for tax reasons?