Sky's next-gen TV service, Sky Q, is now available to buy, with prices for the Q boxes ranging from £99 to £299.

New and existing Sky customers can buy Sky Q online or over the phone from today, with the first installations due to take place by the end of the month. Sky’s 250 retail outlets will begin taking orders from Friday 12th February, should you prefer the bricks and mortar experience. 

Sky broadband customers will be first in line, with customers who take Internet from other providers having to wait their turn.

Following the Sky Q launch in November, we got some time with the new service last month - you can read our Sky Q hands-on review for a more in-depth look at the service.

One thing's for sure - it's a premium service, with the entry-level Sky Q bundle priced at £42 per month for new customers and the Sky Q Silver bundle at £54 per month.

If you want to add Sky Movies and Sky Sports to that bundle it will be an extra £34.50 per month - for a top price Sky Q bundle of £88.50 per month. The current top price Sky TV bundle is £75.75.

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There's a charge for the new box too - and it's noticeably cheaper for Sky broadband customers. If you don't have Sky broadband, Sky Movies or Sky Sports, the Q box will be £249 and the Q Silver box will be £299. A Sky Q Silver bundle with the Sky Q Silver box and one Mini box will also be available for £299.

If you do have Sky broadband, Sky Movies or Sky Sports, the Q box will be £99 and the Q Silver box will be £149. The same Sky Q Silver bundle with the Sky Q Silver box and one Mini box will available for £99. 

Existing customers who already pay for HD or multi-room will also be able to get the Q Silver bundle at the discounted price of £99.

There is also a £50 installation charge for existing customers - the dish needs a part upgraded - and it's worth noting Sky Q subscriptions are 18-month contracts as standard.

So is Sky Q more expensive than existing Sky+HD? Well, yes, but then it was always clear it would be. For premium subscribers it may not be much more, however, with the top HD package with Sky Movies and Sky Sports around £10 more expensive on a monthly basis (don't forget the set-up charges, however). Of course there's no mention of whether 4K content will cost yet more as and when it arrives.

Much will depend on your existing subscriptions - if you already pay for multi-room and all the channels in HD, it may not be a huge step-up. For customers who pay much less a month, joining Sky Q will look expensive. Similarly, there's clearly a real incentive to be on Sky broadband if you want Sky Q first and at a more affordable price. Non-Sky broadband customers may find themselves paying a lot more upfront.

One thing that some might think is 'missing', is 4K content. Sky Q won't have 4K at launch but Sky has said it will bring "the UK’s most comprehensive Ultra HD service" to Sky Q later in the year.

Earlier this year Sky posted its latest set of finanical results, which showed operating profits up 12 per cent year-on-year for the six months to 31st December, as 337,000 new customers joined Sky - the highest number for 10 years.

Sky also revealed there would be a "more advanced" Now TV box released later this year. Existing Now TV customers will also see a new interface roll out to their TVs this month, combining the free and pay-per-view Now TV content and with an emphasis on editorial recommendations.

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Readingfan's picture

Sky Q looks ok but missing hard drive issue

I was interested in Sky Q , but the sky mini not having its own hard drive presents serious issues in my house and will lead to numerous failed recordings and clashes irrespective of how many tuners.

my daughters have numerous issues now and have a dedicated hard drive on their seperate box .

As I see it 4 channels recording, who fights over the remaining live channel!! When we currently can have two live channels in separate rooms and seperately can record independently.

i can see the battle lines been drawn already.

ill wait for the inevitable upgrade as this offers a lot less for the money than I'd hoped

Audio_ELF's picture

With Sky Q Silver you will be

With Sky Q Silver you will be able to record 4 things at once, plus watch a different channels on the main Sky Q Silver box, different channels on two additional Sky Q Mini boxes and also watch 2 more channels on tablet devices.  So that's 4 recordings plus upto live channels.

Cookie Monster's picture

Value for Money

Have been looking forward to the Sky Q box for well over a year but now feel underwhelmed. 

Firstly, 2gb storage to match the 2gb I already paid out for. Does this suggest that 4k will be streamed? 

All those tuners, what's that about? Especially with the streaming box. So hard to find one thing to watch sometimes that it makes no sense. As for the tablet link etc. Thats Sky Go isn't it? But with more to pay.

But it's the 4K ONLY! With this new box that is crazy. If it's broadcast then fair enough, but if it's streamed, then that's just shocking Sky. With so many TV's including my own having built in apps for Netflix etc. it seems ridiculous to make us fork out that much more for a stream.

Must try harder Sky. Love my current package but this is awful value for money.

Just want a 4k stream Sky, that's all.

Awesome 4k scaling of 1080i would also be nice. 

daveh75's picture

Worth noting the box charges

Worth noting the box charges quoted in the article are not for the H/W, they're a one off cost for the 'Smart Features'. Unlike the current SkyHD boxes you don't own the Sky Q box they are loaned to you and have to be returned if you end your subscription

Sky Q kit is loaned to Sky Q customers at no cost and needs to be returned at the end of the relevant subscription–-the-next-generation-of-tv-–-goes-on-sale-in-february-with-a-set-up-cost-from-just-99

FunkyMonkey's picture

What do I do with my sky HD

What do I do with my sky HD boxes?
Also what about Sky Go? Does that remain?

Mike Johnson's picture

Sky Protect

If the new Sky Q equipment belongs to Sky, not the customer as in the HD Boxes, do I still need Sky Protect for breakdowns if the equipment goes wrong.