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Amplifier to drive MS817's?

Current setup: Mordaunt Short MS817 speakers, Arcam Alpha 7R amp, Pioneer DV575A DVD/SACD/CD player. I've just ordered a DAC (Beresford TC7510 mark 6) to go with the DVD player and I plan to eventually upgrade the player itself too.

I have a budget of up to £700 to replace the Arcam amp. I have a turntable so the amp would need to include a phono stage or a separate phono preamp would also need to be included in the budget. Any suggestions?

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Re: Amplifier to drive MS817's?

 I'd suggest the Marantz PM7001KI would suit you very well indeed, or something like the Creek EVO amplifier fitted with its optional phono board, which is a dealer-fit item.

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Re: Amplifier to drive MS817's?

Many thanks for your reply Andrew, which is very helpful. I'm not questioning your recommendations but I would be very interested to know some of the reasons behind suggesting the PM7001KI and the EVO, if it's not too much trouble. One reason for this is that I'm not going to be able to try the amp I select with my speakers until I get it home and out of the box! I would therefore would like to be as sure as I can that it will go nicely (aurally speaking of course!) with the 817's. To that end do you know whether back issues of What HiFiare available so that I can read the full reviews of those 2 amps? (Aug 06 & Jan 07). Thanks again. ian


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