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This Sonos soundbar is now cheaper than on Black Friday

This Sonos soundbar is now cheaper than on Black Friday
(Image credit: Sonos)

Fancy treating your TV (and your ears) to a Sonos speaker? Then now's the time.

Sonos savings can be hard to come by, so when we spot on we can't help but share the good news. Amazon Prime Day may be long gone, but this Sonos Playbase deal beats anything we saw over that weekend – and even the best price we saw over Black Friday last year (yes, we've checked).

Sonos Playbase soundbar (white) £699 £499 at Amazon
You can save £200 on the original price of the Sonos Playbase, which offers all the brilliant benefits of the Sonos multi-room system in a neat, stylish and great-sounding soundbase. 

Want it in black? That's slightly extra – £569.View Deal

It chooses an optical input over HDMI to connect to your TV, so check you've got one of those sockets (most recent TVs do) and you're away! Big, wide soundstage: check. Punchy, authoritative and energetic presentation: check. It isn't the most sonically competitive soundbase out there (that'd be the ), but it is, as we put it ourselves, "a stunning sonic upgrade over any and every flatscreen telly in existence".

Of course, hook it up to your home network and you can also stream music from Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and more (if you have an account), not to mention internet radio.

If you're after a Sonos speaker for underneath your TV, then the Playbase is your option. And, at £200 off, it is a great one at that.