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Spotify HiFi release date imminent, suggests Reddit video leak

Spotify HiFi sign up video leaked on Reddit
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It looks like the launch of Spotify HiFi could be imminent. A leaked video, posted online by a Reddit user, seems to offer a welcome tour of the streaming giant's much-anticipated lossless audio tier.

The 57-second video, which appears to be legit, was shared by user Nickx000x. The caption reads: “Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming HiFi onboarding process from modifying the app." Pretty clear, then. 

The clip has already made its way onto YouTube – and you can watch it below. It depicts an eye-searing green 'HiFi' logo that melts away to reveal a welcome page, leading into a "quick backstage tour".

The tour explains "how to get the full HiFi experience" and why Spotify Connect is "the best way to listen to HiFi" (Spotify HiFi-compatible devices are marked with an icon). The tour ends with a "Get access to HiFi" button, but it doesn't appear to be live yet.

Nickx000x isn't the only clever 'Redditor' to have found a revealing glitch. A few months ago we reported how TheMonarc was apparently able to find the Spotify HiFi menu lurking in the company's iOS app. More to the point, the tipster's screenshots seem to match up with today's video leak. Interesting.

Spotify originally announced Spotify HiFi back in February, revealing it had designs on a CD-quality subscription tier that would launch in 2021 as an add-on for Spotify Premium. Since then, Apple Music has rolled out lossless and Spatial Audio at no extra cost, with Amazon Music soon after following suit by announcing that its hi-res audio tier would be free for all subscribers.

Is Spotify HiFi about to go live? And will Spotify adjust its pricing to compete with recent offerings from Apple and Amazon? We'll bring you more insightful Spotify HiFi leaks as and when they happen.


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