Spotify HiFi could be here soon, but it will cost you

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Spotify may have only just raised its prices for a second time in a year, but reports suggest it’s planning an add-on that will finally deliver the high-resolution music that has been rumoured since the dawn of time

According to Bloomberg who has spoken to a person familiar with the new add-on, users will be charged at least $5 more per month for access to better quality audio and new tools for “creating playlists and managing their song libraries”.

It also looks like Spotify could be stretching further into AI, as the source reports that subscribers will also be able to instantly generate custom playlists around events and dates in the year, which will learn and adapt based on how a user interacts with them.

This music-focused add-on will be positioned as an add-on for existing customers – so it will depend on their base plan as to how much it will cost overall. However, it’s thought it will average out to around a 40% markup, which is pretty punchy considering Tidal offers its high-res music for free.

Of course, the upshot is that the premium plan could generate more money for Spotify that could be shared with music rights holders – something Spotify currently falls behind on compared with its competitors on a per-stream basis.  

With Spotify's heavy investment into audiobooks and podcasts over the past few years, this move could finally take the streaming giant back to its audio roots. But is it too little too late for music fans? 


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  • Terry Webb
    I hope Spotify have beefed up the volume. I find it's too soft compared to Tidal. If you swop from Spotify to Tidal you've gotta watch out for that increase in volume level !
  • manicm
    Another useless article. Seeing is believing, until Spotify make an official announcement such speculation is a running joke.

    Wake up WHF!
  • Winter
    I hate to keep repeating my self on this subject . BUT GIVE OVER !
  • Rodolfo
    How long have Spotify "could be here soon" articles been running?

    I am fully confident that eventually it will happen, and that future articles will focus on how well Spotify is still catching up -soon.
  • Mac_555
    They want how much? An additional 40% for HiFi when Tidal/Qobuz etc include it within their standard plans. Wow thats some increase!