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McIntosh launches 7-channel MC257 home cinema power amp

McIntosh launches MC257 home cinema power amp
(Image credit: McIntosh)

McIntosh's new home cinema power amp, the MC257, is the first to feature its patented TripleView Power Output Meter. Lit up blue in the photo above, it shows the real-time power reading of the amp's three front channels.

The 15-inch panel replaces the three individual meters found on the previous model, the MC207, offering a more streamlined view. And if you think it might prove a bit distracting, you can turn off the signature blue hue – handy if you're dimming the lights for a movie marathon.

So what else is new? For one, there's more power (up from 200 watts per channel to 250 watts) across the front left, centre and right channels. Use all of the MC257's seven channels simultaneously and you'll be limited to 200 watts per channel.

Filter capacity has been increased by 20 per cent, promising more dynamic headroom and low-end rumble; the speaker terminals have been upgraded; and the front panel is now lit by direct LED backlighting for improved colour accuracy and durability.  

Five heatsinks cool the unit, negating the need for noisy cooling fans, while a toroidal isolation power transformer works to keep noise to a minimum.

The McIntosh MC257 is available this month in the US ($10,000), and in October in the UK (£12,995).


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