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Get the most out of your Hi-Res Audio music files with the E700M in-ears, or go wireless with the E700BTs

It’s only taken a few years for the thin trickle of downloadable or streamable Hi-Res music to turn into a full-on FLAC-based flood.

Hi-Res files capture much more data from the original performance – getting you closer than ever to the band, the mixing desk, the stage or the conductor’s podium. So, it stands to reason that if you’re listening to one of these ultra-lifelike files, you’ll want to experience everything it has to offer. With the right headphones, you can…

It's all in the detail

Onkyo’s E700M in-ears are certified for Hi-Res playback by the Japan Audio Society. That means everything about them – from their shape and vibration-minimising precision-engineered aluminium construction to their drivers and acoustic-sealing Comply ear-tips – is specifically designed to make the most of Hi-Res files.

The company’s Onkyo engineers have poured 70 years of audio expertise into these earphones to ensure they deliver the full frequency range and extended bandwidth of Hi-Res files, right up to 40kHz. That means they can easily reproduce the extra information in your music – so you’re even closer to hearing what its performers want you to hear.

Wireless is more

The E700s aren’t just limited to high-end, Hi-Res files either. That supercharged ability means they’ll make the most of regular CD- and lossless-quality files, too – and the tangle-free cable with inline remote control and microphone makes controlling your music and making hands-free phone calls easy.

Want to ditch the wires? The E700BTs make that possible. They connect to your computer, tablet, smartphone or any compatible device via Bluetooth, and offer hi-fi streaming that’s every bit as emotive, precise, clear and dynamic as you could hope for. While they can’t play Hi-Res files, you still get their wired cousins’ 13.5mm high-power drivers and seven decades of Onkyo engineering pedigree to back up their performance.

To find out more about Onkyo’s Hi-Res audio-certified E700Ms and wireless E700BTs, click here.