There's one huge audio announcement that Apple didn't mention at the iPhone 15 launch

In-ear headphones: Apple AirPods Pro 2
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There might not have been 'one more thing' from Tim Cook at the iPhone 15 launch today, but something that wasn't actually mentioned at the event caught our eye as we scanned through the accompanying press releases – and it's pretty big news in our eyes.

Lossless Audio is coming to the now USB-C-equipped AirPods Pro 2. Specifically, there's a line in Apple's official release which states that "AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with MagSafe Charging Case (USB‑C) will enable Lossless Audio..."

'Great news!', we hear you shout. However, there seems to be a catch. It continues to say: "... with ultra-low latency to deliver the perfect true wireless solution with Apple Vision Pro". Oh.

So Apple's flagship wireless earbuds are getting one of the audio features we've had on our wishlist for quite some time, but it will only work when the Pro 2 are partnered with Apple's $3499 micro-OLED headset, which is due out 'early next year'.

It appears that using the two products together will allow support of up to 20-bit/48kHz audio and also result in a "massive reduction in audio latency". Apple has even gone so far as to say that the pairing will deliver "the most advanced wireless audio experience in the industry". A bold claim indeed. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

We've been lamenting the fact that despite Apple Music offering hi-res lossless audio across its vast music library, it's not been supported by any of the company's wireless headphones, including its flagship AirPods Max (which sadly didn't get an 'AirPods Max 2' sequel during the event). It's nice to see this gesture from Apple, but it would be even nicer to see it roll out properly so that music streamers and AirPods owners can get a boost in audio quality should they desire it.

If you're interested in the new USB-C version of Apple's flagship buds, they are available to pre-order now and go on sale from Friday 22nd September.


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