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Spendor expands A-Line speaker range with new A7

Following the What Hi-Fi? Award-winning success of the A4 pair, Spendor has launched a new model for its A-line range, the A7, which was shown off at the Bristol Show.

Spendor’s most affordable range (launched last year) is now four-strong, comprising one standmounter (A1) and three floorstanders (A2, A4 and A7).

The A7s benefit from technology developed for the high-specified SA1, A6R and D7 speakers, but also feature new EP77 Polymer cones.

A first look at the Bristol Show confirmed their stature is in line with the slim, compact physicality of the rest of the range, but they are a few centimeters larger than their A4 siblings.

The Spendor A7s are available in black ash, natural oak and dark walnut finishes, priced £2995, with grilles an optional extra.

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