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Brand new speakers from the biggest brands, brand new speakers from brand new brands - the Bristol Show 2018 has a bit of everything.

No matter what your budget, no matter how big your listening space, no matter the source from which your music is delivered, the Bristol Show 2018 has a loudspeaker to suit you. 

In terms of the more venerable brands, the likes of Monitor Audio (with a svelte new standmounter, above) and Mission (a handsome and entirely new range) have been flexing their muscles.

And under the 'overdue comeback' heading, Jamo is coming back to the UK with a big new range of affordable speakers (including very neat Dolby Atmos modules) that start at just £155 per pair.

At the other end of the scale, high-end hero Wilson Benesch is demonstrating its Resolution standmounters - a cool £35.5k buys enough carbon fibre to keep an F1 team happy amd enough low frequency presence to oust a dictator from his palace.

There's also intriguing new ranges from a brand-new contender. Fyne Audio has arrived fully formed, covering prices from under £200 to just shy of £20k.

And the news is by no means all passive. Wharfedale is showing its new DS-2 powered desktop pair, while both Dali and Dynaudio have new active designs that will bring you high-res audio gratification with absolute convenience.

So find out a little more about these exciting new developments (and more besides) in the video just above. 

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