Chord Company launches 'revolutionary' speaker cable plugs

Here's something unusual, even for a long-running hi-fi show: a product launch for speaker plugs. Chord Company has unveiled silver-plated speaker plugs – called ChordOhmic – that fit any speaker cable, as an instant upgrade to your hi-fi system.

Using technology developed for its flagship (and ultra-expensive) cables, ChordMusic and Sarum T, these silver-plated plugs are set to replace the more common gold-plated connectors in Chord's cable ranges.

Silver is more conductive than gold and copper, which is good news for preserving the audio signal between your hi-fi separates.

The Wiltshire-based company has been using silver plating in its high-end cables for many years, believing the higher conductivity results in lower resistance, less signal loss and a better audio performance from source to speakers.

ChordOhmic plugs will now be available across all of the company's speaker cables, from the entry-level Clearway all the way to the high-end ranges.

What's more, these ChordOhmic speaker plugs can be bought separately and can fit on to other brands' cables, too. You can also buy eight for £64.

Want to hear the difference between gold and silver plating? If you're visiting the Bristol Sound & Vision Show this weekend, head to the Chord Company room for a demo.


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Kashfia Kabir
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