Roberts' new R-Line features six different wireless speakers, including an all-in one system and the company's first ever soundbar...

R-Line is divided into three different sub-ranges: R-Series and S-Series and Soundbar. Interested to know what we think? You can read our first impressions of the R-Line system.

The R-Series (pictured above) consists of two wireless speakers, the R1 and R100. The R1 (£179) features internet radio, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth streaming and a USB socket for charging and playing music from a portable device.

The speaker is a stereo design in its own right, but you can pair two together by flicking a switch on the back. There's also an Ethernet socket if you prefer a wired connection. 

You can control the speaker using the companion app UNDOK, available for both iOS and Android devices, and there are physical buttons on top of each speaker too.

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The R100 (£249) has all the above but brings a 2.7in LCD display and a DAB/FM tuner to the party.

Portability for both the R100 and R1 comes via an optional battery pack (£40) which Roberts claims should be good for around 12 hours playback from a single charge. Both speakers come in matt white, and are equipped with their own tan leather carry handle.

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S1 and S2 boast a completely different aesthetic, more along the lines of the Sonos Play:1 and Play:3. These two speakers are purely mains powered and feature a contrasting silver top and black metal grille. An LED light beneath the grille glows a different colour depending on the source being used.

S1 costs £179 and shares similar features to the R1 including Bluetooth and Spotify Connect. The S2 is a larger, more powerful design and costs £249. There's no display, or DAB radio on the larger model, but you could stream DAB from an R100 if you happen to have one on the same network.

S300 (£300) is an all-in one wireless system, complete with Bluetooth, DAB/FM radio and CD playback. There's also a 3.5in 'floating display' which also harbours an SD card slot and NFC pairing for compatible devices.

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Arguably the biggest news to emerge from the launch of R-Line is the unveiling of Roberts' first ever soundbar, the SB1. A £400 model, the SB1 features a ported, MDF cabinet and a central 3.5in display, surrounded by back-lit control buttons.

Connectivity includes a couple of optical digital inputs for a TV or games console and a subwoofer output should you require extra oomph.

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All the speakers can be controlled using the UNDOK app, which gives you complete multi-room functionality including pairing speakers and playing different sources through different speakers using just one device.

It will also control other Roberts' streaming products from outside the R-Line, including the five-star Stream 93i.

R-Line is scheduled to go on sale in the Spring of 2016.

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Hallo, hallo, hallo...

"Hallo...? Is that Roberts?"

"Yes, how can I help you?"

"I represent Bang and Oluffsen..."

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Lets hope these are better

Lets hope these are better supported than previous models and do we know what connections are included on the S300 as the models are not mentioned on the companys website

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What about customer support?

Still smarting from buying the 93i and within a short time losing what I'd bought it for - the ability to play BBC listen again items. My last email to Roberts went unanswered...

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Anything similar currently on the market?


These look potentially very good; is there anything currently on the market that's very similar? Looking for wireless speakers that can be paired, FM radio, aux connection, bluetooth, preset buttons.