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Radio needs to be believed to be seen. With internet radio, there's more belief than ever – thousands of radio stations from all over the globe bring you music, news, podcasts, plays, poetry, fiction and more. But today's internet radios bring you even more, with built-in access to streaming services, multiple physical connections for hooking up more components, retro-futuristic designs and even entire systems built into a single device.

If you're looking for an internet radio, where do you start? Our guide is a one-stop shop to the best internet radios currently available, considering their sound quality, build quality, price, value and features. Put them in the kitchen, garden, study... wherever you listen.

Each model has been meticulously tested by our experienced reviews team. We put them through their paces (the radios, that is, not our reviewers) in our state-of-the-art testing rooms, and use them at home as if they were our own. Verdicts are agreed upon as a team to eliminate bias, and we're always honest in our opinions, no matter how many noses it puts out of joint. For more on our testing process, check out our how we test section lower down this page.

The quick list

Here's a quick breakdown of our picks for the best internet radios with a short summary and some of the key features that they individually offer. If you're after more details, click the photo of the radio to drop down to the in-depth entry.  

Kashfia Kabir
Kashfia Kabir

As hi-fi and audio editor, I've tested my fair share of internet radios over the 10+ years I've been in the business. Of course an internet radio has to sound great in order to make our list, but it needs to do a lot more, too. It must be versatile, easy to use, give you quick access to a wide range of radio stations from around the world, and look pretty appealing to boot. We're not just talking high end here either – even the more wallet-friendly models need to be accessible and fun to listen to. And if they have streaming features, even better!

Best overall

What Hi-Fi? Awards 2023 winner. One of best internet radios you can buy right now.


Radio: FM, DAB/DAB+, internet
Network features : Wi-fi, Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, Deezer
Bluetooth : Yes
Connections : Aux input, line output, USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack
Dimensions (hwd): 16.6 x 25 x 13cm
Weight : 1.66kg
Finishes : 2 (black/natural wood, black)

Reasons to buy

Enjoyable sound
Easy to use
Plenty of radio and streaming options

Reasons to avoid

Not a huge leap over the previous model

The Roberts Stream 94L is the latest iteration of an award-winning radio (the Stream 94i and 93i have also been multiple prize-winners in the past), with this model's updates including a new logo and a faster processor as well as built-in Amazon Music, Deezer support and Spotify Connect. Better still, its considerable talents as an FM, DAB, and internet radio remain the standard to beat, too.

The Stream 94L is an undeniably smart-looking unit, flaunting its excellent build quality throughout that smooth, attractive design. The full-colour display is large and readable at a distance, and it's easy to use with the radio's buttons and the designated smartphone app.

Performance, thankfully, matches stylistic panache, based on our testing. The Stream 94L is an immensely enjoyable listen, with voices coming through with crystal clarity, the sense of rhythm conveyed expertly, and delivery coming through as punchy, detailed and dynamically expressive throughout.

The Stream 94L’s smooth, unfussy nature masks just how talented a performer it is, especially in its ability to sound so fluid and capable with anything you play through it. At an unchanged price of £200, this remains arguably the best sound-per-pound internet radio we've tested in a long time. 

Read the full review: Roberts Stream 94L

Best premium

What Hi-Fi? Awards 2023 Product of the Year winner. If your budget can stretch to this, the Ruark R2 is an impressive internet radio


Radio: FM, DAB/DAB+, internet
Network features : Wi-fi, Spotify Connect
Bluetooth : Yes
Connections : Aux-in
Dimensions (hwd): 18.5 x 34 x 15 cm
Weight : 2.9kg
Finishes: 2 (light cream, espresso)

Reasons to buy

Rich, detailed sound
Impressive dynamics, timing and texture
Beautiful design
Lovely to use
Great spread of features/connectivity

Reasons to avoid

Hi-res audio and AirPlay 2 support would have been nice

We called the last model “gorgeous”; the new Ruark R2 Mk4 is even more elegant and elevated. So much of the Ruark R2’s appeal lies in its stylish, sleek design that exemplifies the modern-retro trend so prevalent across hi-fi products today.

This sturdy unit is made for sound quality as well as beauty, with its damped polymer cabinet acoustically tuned. The R2 comes in two finishes: light cream or espresso, with ash or walnut grilles respectively. The rounded edges of the cabinet, the new handcrafted slatted wood grille on the front, and the bonded glass display are all are made to a very high quality.

The R2 has that naturally rich, weighty, and expressive sound signature, and features plenty of functionality and connectivity in the form of FM/DAB/DAB+ tuners, internet radio, Bluetooth, and alarms.

Read the full review: Ruark Audio R2 Mk4 review

Best system

The five-star Revo SuperConnect Stereo betters its predecessor with improved sound, more features and supreme build quality.


Radio: FM, DAB/DAB+, Internet
Network features : Wi-fi, Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, Deezer
Bluetooth : Yes
Connections : RCA analogue output, 3.5mm aux input, digital optical output, 3.5mm headphone
Dimensions (hwd): 18 x 36 x 15cm
Weight : 5kg
Finishes : 2 (walnut/black, walnut/silver aluminium)

Reasons to buy

Charming retro-modern aesthetic
Super range of features 
Engaging, well-balanced sound 

Reasons to avoid

May be a little big for some  
Needs a designated return button for navigating the display menu

We loved the original Revo SuperConnect internet radio (below), but nearly a decade later, the stereo upgrade has taken things to new heights. The SuperConnect Stereo is a certified five-star performer in pretty much every department, serving up superb sound alongside sleek retro-modern looks and a whole raft of features and connectivity options. 

In fact, the SuperConnect could well be your go-to alternative to a traditional multiple-box separates hi-fi system, such is the raft of functions on display and the level of sound produced. The range of physical connections is substantial (RCA analogue output, 3.5mm aux in, a digital optical output and 3.5mm headphone jack), while wireless options are accommodated courtesy of wi-fi and Bluetooth, with Spotify Connect, Deezer and Amazon Music music services supported. As a bonus, you can even stream tunes from connected devices on your home network. There’s also the usual access to FM, DAB/DAB+ and internet radio you’d expect from, well, a radio.

Hi-fi quality sound is the SuperConnect Stereo’s real trump card, though. It now has two 3.5-inch BMR drivers powered by a 30W Class D amplifier. Tracks feel balanced, weighty and properly substantial, with far more depth and subtlety than you’d normally associate with a single radio unit. Whether in our listening rooms or at home in the kitchen, Revo’s latest always felt balanced, in control and immensely enjoyable to listen to.

When we first heard that Revo was planning to charge £489 / $599 / AU$899 for its latest internet radio, it initially felt a tad steep. Having tested and lived with the SuperConnect Stereo for a number of weeks and experienced its class-leading sound and effortless usability, we can cheerfully confirm that it’s worth every penny. 

Read the full review: Revo SuperConnect Stereo

How to choose

How to choose the best internet radio

Why you can trust What Hi-Fi? Our expert team reviews products in dedicated test rooms, to help you make the best choice for your budget. Find out more about how we test.

Internet radios don't just bring you internet radio. The best models offer all sorts of extras, like Bluetooth, FM and DAB radio, a 3.5mm headphone jack and streaming from music services like Spotify and Amazon Music. Think about whether you would use these, or if other devices in your home already have them covered – there's no point paying for features you're not going to use.

On the subject of paying, prices vary considerably, but you don't always need the most expensive option. Our pick for best overall is the cheapest from our selection.

You should also consider its design and build quality. A radio is on show at all times, and is often positioned prominently to get the best sound. If you're going to see it every day, make sure it's not something you hate the sight of.

And while voice controls are often standard, if you are going to be pressing buttons, you want ones that feel satisfying to use.

How we test

How we test internet radios

We independently review hundreds of products each year, always as a team, at our state-of-the-art testing facilities located in London, Reading and Bath. This gives us complete control over the testing process, ensuring consistency and of course, impartiality, while ensuring no opinion goes unheard from our team of audio experts.

All radio products are tested against rivals in the same price category, and all review verdicts are agreed upon by the team as a whole rather than an individual reviewer, again helping to ensure consistency and avoid any personal preference. We test not only the raw audio quality of internet radio (and FM and DAB) but all its advertised features from Bluetooth connectivity to streaming support to the alarms and presets.

Performance is important but only in the context of a radio's value. A much more expensive radio might come with lots of bells and whistles, like various streaming service support and lots of connectivity options, but if you're only ever listening to the same four radio stations, you might be better served by a more focused radio that caters to your needs. Equally, if your internet radio is doing double duty as your main audio system, it needs to be up to the task (and your budget). And if you're not getting outright audio enjoyment, it's not exactly great value. A five-star product both performs great and is excellent value.

We choose only the best products from all of our reviews to feature in our Best Buys. There's no input from PR companies or our sales team when it comes to the verdict. At What Hi-Fi? we are proud to have been delivering honest, unbiased reviews for decades. 

You can read more about how we test and review products on What Hi-Fi? here.


What’s better: internet radio or DAB radio?

Internet radio gives you access to tens of thousands of radio stations from across the world, so you get far more choice than DAB radio. DAB is perfect if you're happy to listen to local and national stations. Internet radio is your portal to world music but remember, you will need a wi-fi/internet connection. Sound quality? Again, that depends on the radio station and the strength of your connection. It isn't necessarily true that one always sounds better than the other.

Is it worth buying an internet radio?

We think so, which is why we put together this guide. It is worth remembering that a smart speaker will also give you internet radio, though its feature set may well differ from a dedicated internet radio.

What is the difference between internet radio and online radio?

Nothing really – they are one and the same. But the terms may be used differently. Online radio generally refers to radio listening through a browser, as then you're online and so able to open other browser tabs and windows. Internet radio usually refers to listening through a device that's connected to the internet (like a radio), but that you don't use for more general online purposes.

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Kashfia Kabir
Hi-Fi and Audio Editor

Kashfia is the Hi-Fi and Audio Editor of What Hi-Fi? and first joined the brand over 10 years ago. During her time in the consumer tech industry, she has reviewed hundreds of products (including speakers, amplifiers and headphones), been to countless trade shows across the world and fallen in love with hi-fi kit much bigger than her. In her spare time, Kash can be found tending to an ever-growing houseplant collection and hanging out with her cat Jolene.

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  • pvd72
    Great review.
    I doubted about one of the roberts but in the end got myself a kenwood CR-ST100S.
    It has good sound almost endless possibilities as fm, dab+, internet radio, usb, aux and bluetooth connectivity.
    A downside may be that it needs a fixed power connection because there is no possibility for battery or accumulator operation.