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QuietOn 3 wireless earbuds are world's smallest, built for sleep

QuietOn 3 wireless earbuds are world's smallest, built for sleep
(Image credit: QuietOn)

This is a bit of a departure – true wireless earbuds that don't play music. That's because the QuietOn 3 are designed to help you get a good night's sleep rather than entertain.

Active noise-cancelling (ANC) tech neutralises outside sounds, but you won't find any speaker drivers inside to pump out tunes. And this means they can be smaller than your typical pair. In fact, QuietOn claims they are the world's smallest ANC wireless earbuds. Though that's not really comparing like with like.

The ANC promises to work a little differently to other buds, too. It's optimised to cancel out low frequencies, where sounds like snoring, traffic and next door's subwoofer reside.

They also claim to fit inside your ear, with no protrusion, making them comfortable even for side sleepers.

Each pair comes with four sizes of ear tips to get a good fit. Because they don't play music, there's no need to pair them with a device – getting started is as simple as taking them out of the carry case and popping them in your ears.

Just like with music-playing wireless earbuds, the carry case doubles as a portable charger. You get 28 hours of battery life from the earbuds, then a further three charges from the carry case, making for a total run time of 112 hours before needing a plug socket. For reference, the class-leading Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus deliver nine hours of run time from the buds, plus a further 36 from their carry case for a total of 45 hours. Though of course, they can play music.

The QuietOn 3 are available to pre-order now direct from the Finnish firm, and cost £189 / AU$267.


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