Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus review

Plus-suffixed sequels with big shoes to fill Tested at £120 / $140 / AU$185

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ review
(Image: © Cambridge Audio)

What Hi-Fi? Verdict

Cambridge’s Award-winning recipe has been refined to include app support and extra sonic clarity and detail


  • +

    Extra ounce of dynamic expression

  • +

    Great clarity for the level

  • +

    Slick app support


  • -

    No noise-cancelling

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When Cambridge Audio announced a new model in its inaugural and two-time What Hi-Fi? Award-winning Melomania line-up in 2021, we heaved a collective sigh of relief. The Melomania 1 Plus (or Melomania 1+) promise the same look and feel of their decorated older sibling, the original Melomania 1, but with additional app support, customisable EQ settings and the British audio firm's innovative High-Performance Audio Mode.

There’s a new colourway, too – gone is the ‘stone’ grey hue we lovingly dubbed ‘NHS Grey’. Here, the upgrades are hard to spot to the naked eye, but then again, beauty is usually in the detail.

So how good do they sound, and are they worth upgrading to?


The Cambridge Melomania 1 Plus launched in early 2021 at £120 / $140 / AU$185, positioning them below the crop of premium noise-canceling wireless earbuds from Sony, Sennheiser, Apple and Bose. 

For wireless earbuds without active noise cancellation (ANC), the Cambridges remain attractive at that price point, though excellent newcomers such as the Sony WF-C700 have since arrived offering great sound and ANC for that price.

It's hard to forget, too, that the Melomania 1 Plus spent a significant time last year discounted by more than half price, so we can only hope that sort of discount returns for Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday.

Build and comfort

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ earbuds and case in black finish

(Image credit: Cambridge Audio)

The fresh white finish of our Melomania 1 Plus charging case sample (also available in black) is a matte affair and a solid upgrade on its predecessor. It feels cool, tactile, more pebble-like and means that fingerprint smudges no longer collect on the perfectly sized case.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus tech specs

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+

(Image credit: Cambridge Audio)

Bluetooth version 5.0

Finishes x2 (black, white)

Battery life Up to 45 hours (low power mode)

Dimensions 2.7 x 1.5cm

Weight 5.6g (each)

The five-strong row of LEDs to indicate battery life remains, just below the snappy flip-top lid. The 'L' and 'R' on each earpiece, underneath the tiny LED light on each, are now written in electric blue lettering. You now get a USB-C fast charging port, too.

Although multiple ear tips were promised to ensure a secure fit, what Cambridge has done is double up on its standard small, medium and large offerings, so you now get two sets of each rather than one. 

There are also two sets of medium and large ‘memory foam’ options, but curiously  no small option. The memory foam tips are only supplied in black, too – the regular tips are white – which spoils the ice-white aesthetic somewhat.

The bullet-shaped buds are practically identical in build to the Melomania 1 – each weighs the same 4.6g, boasts IPX5 certification against rain and sweat, houses a 5.8mm graphene-enhanced driver and boasts Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with aptX and AAC codec support.


Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ earbuds with smartphone on white background

(Image credit: Cambridge Audio)

The Melomania 1 Plus boast up to nine hours of battery life on a single charge plus four extra charges from the case, which adds up to an impressive 45 hours of total playtime when in Low Power mode. In the default High Performance mode, you’ll get seven hours from a charge or 35 hours in total courtesy of four more blasts from the case, which is still highly competitive.

In comparison, our current benchmark for budget wireless earbuds, the award-winning Sony WF-C500, offer 10 hours of battery life in the buds, going up to a mere 20 hours total with the charging case. In fact, we haven't come across a pair of true wireless earbuds at any price with the Cambridge's impressive battery endurance.

Pairing is easy using the handy quick start guide. Only one earpiece needs to be paired on your device; the second bud (labelled ‘Handset’) will simply request a connection to it – and that only needs to be done once. During our tests, the connection between both units and our device remains secure and snag-free.

Possibly the biggest upgrade with this new iteration is support for the free Melomania app, which is now considerably more stable than it used to be. With it comes the ability to customise the EQ settings yourself or pick from six presets, check the battery level of each earbud, locate misplaced earbuds on a map, and receive firmware updates.

Touch controls here involve pressing the circular button on each bud and we find these intuitive and useful. Holding down the right one increases volume, while holding down the left lowers it – simple and effective. A single press of either earpiece starts or pauses playback, two skips forward a track (right earbud) or back a song (left earbud), and three presses of the right bud calls up Siri on our iPhone – although note that they can also access the Google Assistant.

These controls are so reliable that we rarely dig out our smartphone when testing them in transit. That should be a given, but it hasn’t always been our experience when testing competing buds at this price.

Cambridge has advised wearers to position the earpieces so that the recessed circle within the circular top surface of the driver housing is at its lowest point so that the MEMS mic in each bud can perform to its fullest. We do so and are able to enjoy clear voice calls.

The good news is that with low-power mode deployed, you’ll get a performance that is on par with the originals.


Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ left/right earbuds floating in white background

(Image credit: Cambridge Audio)

Switching back to High-Performance Audio and with all EQ levels unaltered, we’re treated to an impactful and expansive presentation of Kate Bush’s And Dream Of Sheep (a Tidal Master file). The keys feel three-dimensional in our left ear as Bush’s vocal soars through the frequencies centrally, backed by samples of seagulls, pared-back guitar picking, wind instruments and spoken word. When the brooding storm builds, the Melomania 1 Plus deliver it dutifully and with remarkable clarity for this level. This is a small but definite improvement on their older sibling for layering and detail.

Instruments such as the slinking bass, Wurlitzer and saxophone at the outset of Beck’s Debra are organised with precision and given an extra few yards of space within the mix, too. The low-level, call-to-action vocal before the verse is often lost in muddier bass registers of lesser headphones, but not here. Beck’s distinctive voice is emotive and held masterfully in check even as the intensity builds. Through the mids and treble, we’re aware of the step-up in terms of clarity and refinement over the original Melos.

Through heavier tracks such as Eminem’s Stan, the teeming rain sounds natural at the window as Stan’s scrawl cuts through with clarity, underpinned by an accurate and regimented bassline. There are marginal gains to be had over the originals in terms of the dynamic build too. The leading edges of notes are marginally cleaner in the updated set of in-ears, as demonstrated by the initial synth strings in Dr Dre’s Forget About Dre.

In our review of the five-star Panasonic RZ-S500W, we said that in direct comparison, the older Melomania buds suffered marginally for detail. That balance is now redressed with the Melomania 1 Plus. Whether you prefer the Panasonic proposition over the Melomanias will likely come down to the former's noise-cancelling functionality or teardrop design, neither of which features in the Cambridge earbuds. But for an engaging, detailed, expansive listen, the Melomania 1 Plus are as strong as any pair at their price.

Their closest rivals today are indeed the similarly priced, noise-cancelling Sony WF-C700 or, for those on tighter budgets, the inferior-sounding, non-ANC – but exceptional value – WF-C500. Their even-handed balance, fine insight and impressively neutral tonality make them the two most formidable pairs at the budget level.


Cambridge Audio’s compact, fuss-free and affordable design was a hit with us the first time around in 2019. The addition of a slicker paint job, app support for EQ customisation and the step-up in sonic detail and refinement – without the anticipated price hike – only makes us want to heap extra praise upon the new Melomania 1 Plus.

There’s no noise-cancelling onboard – a feature that is now possible at this price – and budget Sony rivals priced on either side of the Cambridges somewhat dilute our dedication to our recommendation. 

But those who value sound quality, like the compact, bullet earbud design and don’t need ANC shouldn't hesitate to add these affordable Melomanias to their shortlist.


  • Sound 5
  • Comfort 4
  • Build 4


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  • bristollinnet
    Every bloody day...

    Can you just launch 'What Ear Buds' and get this rubbish off what used to be a HiFi website?
  • Tinman1952
    bristollinnet said:
    Every bloody day...

    Can you just launch 'What Ear Buds' and get this rubbish off what used to be a HiFi website?
    And also ‘What Mobile Phone’….? 😀
  • Hmike
    Have you tried reading just the hifi reviews and ignoring the reviews that aren't relevant to you?
  • Diff
    The Melomania 1 Plus has poor Bluetooth connection, suddenly cut off from time to time.

    Lack of bass, and no ANC and wireless charging.

    A bit outdated in terms of features compared with many mid end or low end competitor brands

    Sound is good but not to the level of great
  • Big Glynski
    The sound is great, only if get them seated right in your ear, which can sometimes make them a little uncomfortable. Once you get the hang of fitting them correctly you really don't miss the lack of noise cancelling as they block out most sound anyway. Overall they are great headphones for the price and due to there small size can be worn unnoticed by most people, so handy for "stealth listening".
  • Finn
    I absolutely LOVE these earbuds, the bullet design suit my ears and was one of the positives when I initially purchased the originals ... The 1+ retain ALL that was great with an even better sound quality ... Look at the price - Use the buds then tell me there is disappointment in your decision ... Should you do so, I would direct you to the Air-Pods at double the price almost as the 1+, NOW there's disappointment for you! (Yes I have used both and own both, the air-pods being in payment for a vehicle repair - I never use the air-pods because I won't compromise my listening quality ...
  • Finn
    Diff said:
    The Melomania 1 Plus has poor Bluetooth connection, suddenly cut off from time to time.

    Lack of bass, and no ANC and wireless charging.

    A bit outdated in terms of features compared with many mid end or low end competitor brands

    Sound is good but not to the level of great

    Sorry diff I disagree with you - I have zero connection loss, if you are experiencing problems, read the CEO's statement, contact Cambridge explaining your issue and at least allow them to diagnose any issues with your set - My interaction with Cambridge has been first class and after I asked a question to their tech support, the communication was at a level I did not believe still existed in the retail industry - period! Could your connection loss not also be a black spot in your usage parameters, I have an invisible three foot line running through my property and it interferes with EVERYTHING wireless I have if I am in that zone - came to be after the power company installed new high power cabling in the alleyway at the side of my property - I can't explain the science but the coincidence was to big ... Also microwaves can cause issues if in use and there's nothing I have seen in the BT/wireless industry for ANYTHING that has combated an issue like that, apart from unplugging a microwave oven when not in use - it worked for me and alerted me to just how bad microwaves are when the power source is always there ... I began to see improved sleep also !!

    If you are experiencing lack of bass, I suggest you look at changing the tips, my bass is first class, the tips I use for the 1+ are larger than ones previously used with wired buds - this will also eliminate a huge amount of external sound negating the need for ANC, when using my 1+ I can't hear a thing besides the music ...

    Have you downloaded the app and checked the firmware? I certainly think your issues can be overcome, I also think these earbuds are incredible thus making me think a message to tech-support may assist you in obtaining the pleasure that I do ..

    Hope that helps buddy
  • passie42
    Hi all,

    I registered just to comment on this thread.
    The melomania’s are great. A lot better than the Sony WF-C500 and JBL Tune 130NC TWS I purchased and both send back. Not only they sound better but also they sound louder which I like! You won’t miss the ANC!
    I am a starting “ audiophile “ but I clearly can hear the difference between the earbuds and the Cambridge Audio sound way better.
    When they said buy a Grado sr325x, a Fidelio X3 or a HiFiMan Sundara I did but I all send them back because they sound like sh*t. I end up buying a Denon ah-d5200 and a PSB m4u8 which both are the best headphones under 500,- euro you can buy! I bought a Fiio Q3 MQA to power them because you need a good DAC/amplifier to enjoy them.
    Also I ordered a pair of Kz PR1 Planar earphones and I can’t wait for them to arrive.
    I got a sweat deal at where I bought the melomania plus for half the price.
    Unfortunately one earbud stopped working and I contacted Cambridge Audio. They helped me immediately and send me a new pair, no questions asked. Now I have a extra case and one extra left earbud :-) The support treated me very well.
    So if you are looking for some great earbuds and great support in case something happens buy the melomania, you won’t be disappointed!!!