The £3699 oBravo EAMT-1s - the world’s most expensive in-ear headphones?

oBravo is used to dealing with exotic headphone technologies, it esponsible for the world’s first pair of headphones to use a Hybrid-Planar driver for example. But that was for a pair of over-ear headphones, which gave oBravo a lot of space to work with. Now the company has managed to shrink a new Hybrid driver technology down to fit into a pair of in-ears.

The Hybrid Dynamic AMT driver is a coaxial design, where two driver types are combined into one singular unit. The two driver types are an 8mm Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter and a 10mm Neodymium Dynamic Driver (NDD). oBravo says the unit is capable of reaching lows of 15Hz and highs of 45kHz.

The coaxial drive unit is housed within a Precision-Ceramic hand-crafted body that weighs 35g. While it’s likely you’ll need top-performing source equipment to get the best from the EAMT-1s given their price, oBravo says they’re sensitive enough to be used with a wide range of smartphones and portable audio players.

The EAMT-1s are available now exclusively through Audio Sanctuary, where you can at least try them out, even if you can’t afford them.

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