Polk launches new Heritage Collection of audio products

Starting with Bluetooth speakers, the first product is the Camden Square (pictured above) that will retail for £259 and sports a retro-inspired design, with an etched metal top and chestnut leather sides.

It features four full-range drivers and two bass radiators, along with Polk's proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology and a custom designed acoustic system to provide a "full, balanced sound at any volume without distortion".

Other features of the Camden Square include a 24-hour battery life and compatibility with Polk's DJ Stream app, which lets up to four users connect via their mobile devices to create and sync multiple playlists into one jukebox.

The second of the two wireless speaker models is the Woodbourne. This £600 speaker comes with both AirPlay and Bluetooth aptX connectivity, along with optical and analogue inputs that'll let you hook up a variety of audio sources.

The Woodbourne comprises two, 13cm mid-woofers that deliver 70W each and a pair of 2.5cm silk dome tweeters delivering 20W each. The speaker's overall power is a claimed 180W.

Woofers and tweeters are housed within a 1.3cm-thick MDF enclosure with a non-removable lattice grille, while a curved front allows "greater separation between the two driver sets".

Infrared sensors on either end of the cabinet make it easier to use the supplied remote control wherever you are in the room.

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The Hampden speakers can be used as either a desktop audio solution or as bookshelf speakers within a larger home theatre or hi-fi system. The USB input on the Hampden bypasses the lower-quality DAC that is built into most computers and instead uses a high quality one for "the best audio possible".

Each 11.5cm driver and 2.5cm tweeter within the Hampden speakers are powered by their own dedicated amplifier, while Digital Signal Processing technology "smooths frequency response and creates greater bass extension". Bluetooth aptX wireless streaming is onboard and - as with the Camden Square - users can use the DJ Stream App to create and share playlists.

The Polk Hampden bookshelf speakers are available to purchase now for £349.

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The Nue Era (bottom) and Nue Voe (top) are the pairs of in-ear headphones that have been launched as part of the Heritage Collection, with importance placed on both audio quality and design.

The Polk Nue Era feature 5.5mm dynamic drivers within a sculpted housing made from a polymer resin for audio damping purposes, as well as comfort and fit. A three-button in-line microphone can be found on the 1.2m cable, which allows for volume control and for receiving and ending phone calls.

A cloth bag, three pairs of silicone ear tips, two pairs of three-flange silicone ear tips and two pairs of memory foam ear tips can be found in the box, with the Polk Nue Era in-ears available for £84.

Meanwhile, the Nue Voe in-ears use a balanced-armature design, meaning they have a low impedance and produce "open and detailed mid-range and extended high frequencies."

However, a balanced armature design can lack low end bass. To overcome this, Polk has added a passive EQ that pulls the mid- and high-frequencies down; this in turn enhances bass output. Polk calls this method of tuning POET - Polk Optimised Electro-acoustic Tuning.

As with the Nue Eras, the Nue Voes also feature a three-button in-line microphone and assortment of ear tips in the box. The Polk Nue Voe in-ear headphones are available for £169.

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Last but certainly not least as part of the new collection, Polk has unveiled the Hinge (top) and Buckle (bottom) headphones. The £169 Hinge on-ears have been ergonomically designed with pivoting ear cups to ensure an optimum fit with the user's head.

An aluminium hinge has been used, allowing the headphones to be folded down and transported about with ease, and there's a three-button in-line microphone built-in to the 1.2m cable. Elsewhere, Polk's POET technology has been used to tune the 4cm drivers.

The Buckle headphones sport an over-ear design and have also been ergonomically designed with pivoting ear cups. The onboard Passive Isolation technology claims to minimise outside noise, while the cans' 4cm lightweight drivers are housed within a vented enclosure and have been developed using Polk's Dynamic Balance design process.

This design method uses the variables of materials technology and diaphragm geometry to obtain the right balance from the drivers. In addition, users will once again find a three-button in-line mic on the 1.2 metre cable; a 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch adapter; and cloth bag can be found in the box. The Polk Buckle headphones will set you back £259.

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