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NEWS: Radical new headphones from Sony

These unusual looking headphones from Sony are designed to recreate the sound of a concert hall in your head, the company claims.

The PFR-V1s are part of Sony's new range of personal headphones. Developed by Sony's loudspeaker engineering team, the PFR-V1 is said to be ideal for hi-fi, PlayStation and home cinema users who want "an immersive listening environment with powerful, uncompromised sound".

Mid- and high-range frequencies are delivered by a pair of spherical drive units that are positioned directly facing the ear. Low frequencies are delivered directly to the ears by a newly-developed extended reflex duct that is said to provide a "lossless bass effect".

If the design of the PFR-V1 is a touch too radical for you, then the new MDR-AS100W model (below) may suit you better. The"cutting-edge styling with contemporary anodised finish" is ideal for use at the gym or during your daily commute, says Sony.

Still not convinced? Then the MDR-EX700LP in-ear headphones (bottom) will ensure you won't get funny looks while you're out and about. They're said to have the largest drive unit (16mm) of any earbud headphone.

All models will be available to order from April at

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