Nakamichi announces big price increase for its Dragon Dolby Atmos soundbar

Nakamichi Dragon Soundbar System
(Image credit: Nakamichi)

Nakamichi has announced that its Dragon 11.4.6 soundbar system will now cost $3899, an increase of $400 over the original price. 

Pre-orders for the system will open on 2nd August at 17:00 GMT. The original price of $3499 will still apply to the initial 1000 units available; once those have been snapped up, however, the new price will come into effect. 

Nakamichi states that the planned rise in price reflects additional necessary labour for the Dragon – which has more than 700 components and a 110-step assembly process across four production lines – alongside the company's stringent post-assembly inspection process. 

It is of course also possible that the increased price for the second round of orders could be an attempt to ensure the first batch of 1000 units sells as quickly as possible. 

The packaging and shipping methods Nakamichi employs also needed adjusting, with immense care taken to ensure damage to units in transit is reduced to an absolute minimum. Each unit weighs in at 63.5kg (140lb), is subject to a 30cm (12in) drop test, then has to survive 30 days out at sea while en route to the USA.  

Nakamichi’s Dragon 11.4.6 system comprises the main 148cm (58in) soundbar, two wireless subwoofers featuring two 20cm (8in) drivers per cabinet, and two Omni-Motion reference surround speakers. The system features 31 drivers in total, providing 3000W of peak power.

The Dragon soundbar is the first of its kind to offer DTS:X Pro, which supports up to 32 speakers, compared with the standard DTS:X's 11. The system also supports Dolby Atmos and features three eARC inputs along with one output. 

We were lucky enough to experience the system earlier this year and can confirm that this Dragon definitely roars.


We got to try out the Nakamichi Dragon and it really is something 

The 21-channel Dragon soundbar is the first to support DTS:X Pro

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