Loads of Philips TVs are getting a free upgrade to Android TV 11

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Philips is rolling out an Android TV 11 update for a wide range of its older TV models released between 2019 and 2020. Despite models from these years launching with Android TV 9, Philips is skipping 10 and cranking things straight up to 11. FlatPanelsHD reports that essentially every Android Philips TV released in 2019 and 2020 should be receiving this software update.

Both Android TV 10 and 11 are fairly low-key Android TV updates when it comes to new features, but the 11 upgrade should bring with it ALLM support in apps, a better keyboard with predictive typing, and wider compatibility for Bluetooth controllers. 

The firmware update titled TPM191E_R. has already been rolled out to some models, but no timeframe has been given for all compatible TVs to get the upgrade.

We have to take a moment to commend Philips on its dedication to supporting older TV models, with very few manufacturers offering updates on nearly four-year-old products, especially to this degree. With Philips rolling out this update to 13 of its older generation TVs, this feels like a step forward for consumers who want newer features without needing to upgrade their TVs frequently.


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  • D rob
    Shame LG can't do same. Have 2020 c type oled. doesnt even have All 4App never mind ITV x or Paramount+ Good picture but as for new Apps forget it.