Philips might launch QD-OLED TVs next year, exec confirms

Philips might launch QD-OLED TVs next year, exec confirms
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Philips is considering a move into QD-OLED TVs, the company has confirmed. If it did start producing TVs using the technology, it would become only the third brand to do so, after Samsung and Sony.

QD-OLED is a TV screen technology created by Samsung. It aims to combine the contrast of OLED with the greater colour vibrancy and brightness potential of Quantum Dots. And very good it is too – both the Sony A95K and Samsung S95B picked up the full five stars in our reviews.

(Incidentally, the latter can currently be picked up on a great Black Friday deal in both the UK and US.)

Danny Tack, director of product strategy and planning at Philips' parent company TP Vision, confirmed the news in an interview.

"We are also exploring the quantum dot OLED panel from Samsung," he told HDTV Test (via flatpanelshd). "We also have prototypes in-house in Ghent in our innovation centre and we are comparing both with each other looking through strengths and weaknesses".

A decision on whether to launch Philips QD-OLED TVs would be made later, he added. Philips plans to unveil its 2023 TV line-up in February.

The brand already sells a QD-OLED gaming monitor, so it wouldn't be completely uncharted territory for the company.

Tack also suggested that next year's Philips OLED TVs would deliver higher brightness – the key selling point of QD-OLED panels. So even if Philips opts not to use Samsung's QD-OLED technology, we should see its TVs go brighter by some other means. 

Even though Samsung created the QD-OLED technology, Sony was the first company to get us a QD-OLED TV for review. The A95K is a stunner, delivering an exceptional picture that rivals the LG G2 premium OLED TV. But then along came Samsung's S95B, going even brighter and bolder (though it can get a little carried away at times). Here's hoping that if Philips joins the QD-OLED fun it can bring something new to the party. The prospect of QD-OLED and Ambilight together in one package is certainly an exciting one.


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  • JimMon
    I sure hope these new Philips TV will be available here in Canada next year... I have owned two in the past. A 55" 1080P and a 55" 4K ... Now I have a 65" 4K TV. But, it's about 3 yrs old now...