LG's 65in C3 OLED TV is £1200 off. Buy this with your saving to make it the complete package

LG's 65in C3 OLED TV is £1200 off. Buy this with your saving to make it the complete package
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LG's 65-inch C3 is a very good OLED TV. The reason it earned four stars in our review is largely down to fiercer competition from rivals, a lack of innovation on LG's part and the poor audio performance.

Now one of those factors has been remedied – the C3 has a massive £1200 discount for Prime Big Deal Days, knocking it down to £1689. Spend that saving on one of the best soundbars recommended below, and you'll have fixed another of its flaws. Two out of three ain't bad...

Best LG OLED65C3 TV deal

LG OLED65C3was £2899now £1689 at Amazon (save £1210)

LG OLED65C3 was £2899 now £1689 at Amazon (save £1210)
LG's C-series are some of the best gaming TVs you can buy, thanks to their unparalleled connections and gaming-centric features. But viewers will find a lot to like about this 65-incher too, including stunning picture quality. Shame about the sound, but we'll show you how to remedy that below...

The 65-inch C3 follows the multi-Award winning C2. It might not quite live up to the high standards set by its predecessor, but it's still a great TV, predominantly because it hasn't changed much from the winning formula that came before it.

The design is unchanged, with the same pedestal stand and fatter section on the back. The panel is also unchanged, but the TV is powered by the next generation of processors, the Alpha 9 Gen 6, which enables some extra picture enhancements and audio upmixing to 9.1.2 virtual channels (the C2 only managed 7.1.2).

It's more user-friendly, too. The webOS 23 interface is less cluttered, and the Quick Settings menu lets you put your most-used settings all together so they're close to hand. And it's still one of the best gaming TVs around, with four HDMI 2.1 ports enabling 4K/120HzVRR and ALLM. Dolby Vision gaming is supported right up to that 4K/120Hz limit, and there’s a really well-implemented HGiG mode that makes it easy to get accurate HDR tone mapping from most HDR games. Input lag, meanwhile, is supremely low at under 10ms.

But it's as much for viewing as it is for gaming, and here it doesn't disappoint. It performs much like the C2 but with a percentage point or two of extra pop and sharpness. True, when placed side by side with the Sony A80L, it suddenly looks a lot less impressive, but the Sony is currently over £300 more expensive.

And yes, the C3's sound is a bit of a damp squib. But there's a fix. The £1200 you save on the C3 will more than cover the cost of a Sony HT-A7000, which won best overall in our list of best soundbars – you can see the best deals below. Its audio performance is dramatically enticing, while the integrated sub is particularly impressive with a taut, controlled and powerful performance. Pair it with a C3, and you have a match made in heaven, and you'll still have £200 left over from the C3's RRP. What you spend that on is up to you.


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