LG's 2022 OLED TVs are now in stock in the UK and US

LG's 2022 OLED TVs are now in stock in the UK and US
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LG's 2022 range of OLED TVs is now available to buy in the UK, US and Europe. These include the B2, C2 and G2, but the lower-end A2 and higher-end Z2 8K TV are yet to arrive, flatpanelshd reports.

These OLED TVs are among the first in the world to benefit from Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail. When showing Dolby Vision content, this tech adjusts the light levels of every area of the screen in order to increase contrast, sharpness and detail.

The C2 and G2 also benefit from LG's OLED Evo screen with Brightness Booster (or the more advanced Brightness Booster Max in the more premium G2). The B2 is more affordable, and doesn't feature LG's most advanced OLED screen.

The C2 is also available in 42 inches, which is a world first for an OLED TV. LG previously introduced the world's first 48-inch OLED TV – other companies like Sony and Philips have followed suit with smaller OLEDs of their own.

At the other end of the size spectrum, the G2 will come in a mammoth 97 inches – again, a world first for a commercially available OLED TV. Though this size won't launch until later in the year.

Also coming later in the year are LG's Z2 8K OLED TVs, and its more affordable A2 OLED TVs which come with 50/60Hz panels.

Prices start at £1799 ($1499) for the 55-inch B2, £1399 ($1399) for the 42-inch C2, and £2399 ($2199) for the 55-inch G2.


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