LG OLED TV prices have been revealed for Europe - brace yourselves

LG G2 Gallery Evo OLED
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LG has announced the pricing for its 2022 OLED TV line-up for Europe, and compared to last year it looks likely that most models will see an increase in launch price.

The hotly anticipated C2 with a new Evo panel sees some of the largest rises across the board, but considering its the range with the biggest hardware upgrade this year that's not totally surprising.

But it's not all bad news, some prices remain the same and some have even dropped. If you have a spare €15000 for example you can pick up the 77-inch 8K Z2 for €5000 less than in 2021. 

We've listed the announced Euro prices for each model in LG's 2022 OLED TV line-up below alongside the launch price for the equivalent model last year and currency conversions for comparison, though international pricing will vary by market. 


LG's G2 will be the brightest OLED in its 2022 range thanks to the addition of a new heat dissipation layer to its Evo display that the company says will improve both peak and average brightness.

The design of the G2 is ultra-thin, resembling a picture frame, ideal for flush-to-the-wall mounting and is also compatible with LG's easel-like Gallery Stand as well as standard feet. 

The pricing reveals a slight drop for the 65-inch model but increases for the 55-inch and 77-inch versions. Availability starts in March for the 77-inch G2 with other sizes following in April and the 97-inch announced later in the year. 

  • OLED55G2 - €2500 (around £2080 /$2770 / AU$3815) 2021 price €2400
  • OLED65G2 - €3600 (around  £5000 / $6650 / AU$9160) 2021 price €3500
  • OLED77G2 - €6000 (around £5000 / $6650 /  AU$9160) 2021 price €6500
  • OLED83G2 - €9000 (around £7500 / $9975  / AU$13,740) new model for 2022
  • OLED97G2 – pricing still tbc


LG's C2 OLED brings the brighter picture performance of the Evo panel to a lower price point.

It lacks the heat dissipation layer, sound systems and premium design of the G2 but is still a very well-specc'd model, with the newest version of the Alpha 9 processor and all of the latest gaming features.

The C2 begins rolling out from March and is available in more sizes than any other model in the range, starting at a new 42-inch size and going right up to 83-inches. However, buyers should note that the two smallest sizes – 42-inch and 48-inch – do not feature the OLED Evo technology and instead have standard OLED panels. British pricing for these models has already been revealed and it appears as though there are price rises across the board, which isn't wholly surprising considering the upgrade in panel technology the C range is receiving this year. 

  • LG OLED42C2 – £1400 / €1650 (around $1,830 / AU$2,520) new model for 2022
  • LG OLED48C2 – £1399 / €1800 (around $1995 / AU$2750) 2021 price £1299 / €1650
  • LG OLED55C2 – €2300 (around  £1915 / $2550 / AU$3510) 2021 price €2000
  • LG OLED65C2 – €3200 (around £2665 / $3550 /  AU$4890) 2021 price €2800
  • LG OLED77C2 – €5400 (around £4500 / $5985  / AU$8245) 2021 price €5300
  • LG OLED83C2 – €7500 (around £6250 / $8310 / AU$11,450) 2021 price €8000


The B-series lacks the Evo panels of the higher models and has a step-down processor, the Alpha 7 Gen 5. However, it still packs some pretty impressive next-gen technology, including a 120Hz panel, HDMI 2.1 ports that support ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), plus HGiG, G-Sync and FreeSync Premium, making it well suited for gamers.

Available from March, the 55-inch and 65-inch B2s both see small price increases while the 77-inch has a rather more sizable price drop.

  • LG OLED55B2 –  €1900 (around  £1580 / $2100 / AU$2900) 2021 price €1800
  • LG OLED65B2 – €2800 (around  £2330 / $3100 / AU$4270) 2021 price €2700
  • LG OLED77B2 – €4500 (around £3750 / $4985 / AU$6870) 2021 price €5000 


The A-series has the same processor as the B2 but only sports a 60Hz panel instead of 120Hz. This will likely only be an issue for gamers, who should also note that there's no VRR support or HDMI 2.1 ports, but the A2 is should be well suited for TV and movie watching, with a range of sizes to suit smaller spaces.

The 48-inch A2 will be available from March, followed by the 55-inch in April and the 65-inch in June. A 77-inch model is also forthcoming with pricing and release information coming later in the year.

  • LG OLED48A2 – €1550 (around £1290 / $1715 / AU$2365) 2021 price €1300 
  • LG OLED55A2 – €1700 (around  £1415 / $1880 / AU$2595) 2021 price €1400
  • LG OLED65A2 – €2600 (around £2165 / $2880 / AU$3970) 2021 price €2200
  • LG OLED77A2 – pricing still tbc


Despite not having an Evo Panel, LG's top model for 2022 remains the 8K Z2 OLED. The Z2 runs on an 8K-specific version of the Alpha 9 Gen 5 that's designed to make the most of the increased resolution and is available in 77-inch and 88-inch sizes.

Like the G2, the Z2 has what LG calls a 'Gallery' design, which means it's very thin and has a flat back that makes it ideal for wall-mounting. Unlike the G2, which comes with a wall-mount only, the 88-inch Z2 comes with a very stylish floor stand, and the 77-inch model seems to include both feet and an integrated flush wall mount.

Available from March the 77-inch model represents the biggest year on year price drop from LG, meanwhile, the 88-inch version remains at the same price point and will be released in April.

  • OLED77Z29LA - €15000 (around £12,390 / $16,456 / AU$ 22,363 ) 2021 price €20000
  • OLED88Z29LA - €30000 (around £24,765 / $32,903 / AU$44,715) 2021 price €30000


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