IsoAcoustics promises hi-fi isolation with new Delos blocks

IsoAcoustics promises hi-fi isolation with new Delos blocks

Isolation may be disadvantageous for human health and needy pets, but for hi-fi little else is as desirable. For components to perform at their optimum, they shouldn't be impacted by the inherent vibrations and resonance of other components in the system.

One of the ways to isolate a, say, turntable is by placing it on a dedicated isolation platform, such as those made by IsoAcoustics.

The Canadian isolation specialist has just announced its Delos series of isolation platforms, starting at £399.99 / $399.99.

Named after the mythological Greek island, the new platforms take the form of a rather attractive solid block, combining dense maple wood with IsoAcoustics’ isolators in the name of eliminating interference.

The patented design is available in two sizes: 45.5cm (width) x 38cm (depth) and 56cm (width) x 40.5cm (depth), available in either 4.5cm or 7.5cm thick options. The larger size features an extra row of integrated isolators and has a maximum weight capacity of 40.8kg (4.5cm thickness) or 45.4kg (7.5cm thickness). The smaller size, meanwhile, can take a weight of hi-fi up to 24.9kg (4.5cm thickness) and 29.5kg (7.4cm thickness).

The IsoAcoustics Delos series will be available from the start of July, with prices ranging from £399.99/$399.99 to £699.99/$699.99.


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