Grado launches its first ever in-ear headphones

The £88 iGi and the £295 GR8 earphones mark the company's first foray in to the in-ear market – and we'll be getting our hands on them very soon, so look out for the reviews.

Both the iGi and the GR8 are small, in-ear designs that aim for a tight seal with your ear canal for improved bass and to reduce outside noise.

Tony Jones, Product Manager for distributor Armour Home, said: "Whenever Grado Labs design new headphones, their primary goal is always to produce models which will be faithful to the music and provide listeners with a truly enjoyable sonic experience.

"The countless hours of design engineering and listening tests Grado has invested in the iGi and GR8 have clearly been worthwhile. Both models are simply outstanding."

Well, we'll hopefully be the judges of this confidence very soon – and we'll of course let you know...

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