Focal's On Wall 300 speakers are designed to free up floorspace

Focal's On Wall 300 speakers are designed to free up floorspace
(Image credit: Focal)

Most of us wouldn't think twice about mounting a TV to the wall, so why not speakers too? Focal has just unveiled its slim On Wall 300 speaker series, which aims to achieve a discreet look without the need to cut holes in your walls.

The range consists of the On Wall 301 and On Wall 302, both of which are designed for music and home cinema purposes. At around 9cm deep, they should fit unobtrusively into just about any room. 

French audio maker Focal says the 80cm-tall On Wall 301 is well-suited to TVs under 60 inches, while the 125cm-tall On Wall 302 pairs best with bigger screens. Hooks for mounting the speakers are included in the box, although Focal offers optional floor stands too.

The 2-way On Wall 301 gets two 4-inch mid/bass drivers made of flax, rather than paper or metal, for its drivers. Focal claims that flax is self-damping and has the same rigidity as Kevlar. The 2.5-way On Wall 301 gets four drivers to help it fill larger spaces.

As you can see from the official image above, Focal suggests users mount three speakers around their TV, using one as a centre channel. Other Focal units – such as the Aria, 300 Series, 1000 Series or Dôme Flax – can be used as the rear surround channels. 

The new Focal On Wall 300 Series will be available in September, priced at £999 / $990 / AU$1599 each for the On Wall 301 and £1499 / $1490 / AU$2399 for the On Wall 302. The stands costs £799 / $699 / AU$1299 per pair.


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  • lovlid
    Soooo,,,,unless the speakers in the top photo are blue tooth, wi fi or magical, can someone tell me where the speaker cable has gone, ‘without the need to cut holes in your walls.’ ?
    Also, did anyone at WHF check the page in the manual where it says use a power drill to ‘cut holes in your wall’ to fix the brackets to them ?